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  • gandalf@sonic.net
    Dec 15, 2011
    Oh, the other idea I have is to build the burner to provide variable heat so that a simple slide could increase or decrease the heat. My idea for doing this is to have the wick (or wicks) laying horizontally in a brass tube with the top cut out so that it makes a U. So the burner would have a fuel reservoir and a filling tube and then there would be a wick tube coming off at an angle up, perhaps 45deg and then going flat. The flat part would have the top cut off making it a U. Then fit a flat piece of brass with a slide mechanism so that it slides over the top of the U channel. A tight clearance should not be important as the presence of the shield will prevent the flame from burning in that area. I would probably make it so that when the shield was fully extended the flame still burned but just barely, then as the shield was retracted the flame would get bigger.

    I'm not certain that such a device would directly correspond to throttle, but it would seem to allow for easy tuning of the pop pop engine on the fly.

    I'd also hook this up to a small servo and use it with a two channel radio, one channel for adjustable heat and the other for rudder control.

    I'm going to try including a diagram of my idea with this, if that doesn't work so well I can upload it. This design would also work with multiple wicks/wick tubes parallel. I can easily imagine a triple or quad wick setup that would produce a very hot flame.

    (imagine a cute or dirty tagline here)
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