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2126Re: [pop-pop-steamboats] Re: simple phlat boat design

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  • Donald Qualls
    Jan 30, 2010
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      frankmcneilll wrote:
      > Hi Donald,
      > I have "silently observed" that most software offered as "free" is
      > about as free as the cheese that trips a mouse trap.

      Some of us remember when most software you could download was genuinely
      freeware -- this was back in the days before so many companies found
      ways to make money on the Internet by selling advertising or collecting
      information to sell to advertisers (to let them "target" their
      advertising). WinRAR is an example of true freeware, as was PKZIP back
      in DOS days. Yes, lots of so-called freeware today is either
      advertising laden, installs spyware, or is actually only a demo version
      with critical features disabled -- but much isn't. Best example I can
      call to mind: Open Office, a free office suite written in Sun Java,
      available for Windows, Mac, and several Linux flavors, and the only
      advertising in the entire suite is the link to Sun Microsystems that
      shows in the splash screen.

      Yes, you need to read the information before you install anything --
      just like you need to read the ingredients before you eat something
      unfamiliar (especially if you have severe food allergies, diabetes, high
      cholesterol, etc.). That doesn't mean you should stop downloading
      legally, any more than you should stop eating -- just that you need to
      be careful, as with everything else in this overcrowded world.

      If, through hard work and perseverance, you finally get what you want,
      it's probably a sign you weren't dreaming big enough.

      Donald Qualls, aka The Silent Observer http://silent1.home.netcom.com

      Opinions expressed are my own -- take them for what they're worth
      and don't expect them to be perfect.
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