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186Second verse, almost the same as the first, it should be better but might be worse

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  • Frank McNeill
    Oct 1, 2006
      HI All,

      I put up another sketch of a radio controllable water pulse engine that looks like one that was shown before, but has a few changes. The principal change is that only one end of the square tube boiler would be connected to a square tube with check valves controlled by shifting the positions of permanent magnets. The other end would extend upward and be used to fill the system after a boat is placed in the water. This would be done by shifting the magnets to open the check valves and using a tube or rubber bulb to suck water through both ends of the propulsion system and the boiler. A ball type check valve could be used to keep the water from draining out while a threaded cap was applied and tightened. A two channel RC system could use one servo to provide forward, reversed and neutral propulsion and the other servo to control a rudder or a second propulsion system that would make a model more maneuverable. A third servo could provide sail control and a fourth servo could ignite and extinguish a butane fired lighter, torch or heater used as a source of heat for the boiler, or boilers.
      For confirmation of the idea for using one tube for propulsion, go to: http://tinyurl.com/hbaqf to read "How Things Work" by H. Richard Crane. I'm trying to find somebody to make water pulse engines, so this sketch might be there for a while.

      Best wishes, Frank