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1731Re: Big engines revisited

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  • zoomkat
    Sep 7, 2009
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      Without Dean Still providing some details on the engine, it is still somewhat of a rumor as to its operation. I do think the pancake flash boiler is what will be needed to make a larger engine. Making a duplicate drum lid engine will require a little more work and tools than the typical toy type engine (mainly drilling larger holes in the lid and welding the boiler components together). I need to see if there is a local steel drum supplier that might have drum lids for sale. I put a couple of pix of a can lid engine I made years ago in my file folder. I made it using JB Weld epoxy so the amount of heat I could apply was limited before I started smelling the hot epoxy. I've got my pie pans and need to see if the edges will solder instead of sealing and bolting. I also found a 150 watt soldering iron so I need to see if I can clean the can lid edges so they will solder.

      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "darylcanada73" <darylcanada73@...> wrote:
      > An update on "Trying to track down the 16' 3 MPH canoe."
      > 1. As I understand it, Nick Carter saw a big pop pop engine and heard a story to go with it that named Dean Still as the builder. This all started with a forum post on another site in 1998.
      > 2. Dean Still provided no further information, did not confirm the information from Nick and referred my to Dr. Larry Winiarski.
      > 3. Dr. Winiarski added nothing to solve the mystery.
      > My guess is: Someone told Nick about the Payne experiments. Someone (Dean Still) showed Nick a big engine and it all got really confusing from there.
      > If any of you live in or near Cottage Grove, Oregon you could add to the confusion by following up on this.
      > Follow up reply from Nick Carter
      > "Hi Daryl,
      > Like I said, that's all I knew. Dean is an aquaintance from the local
      > craft market that my wife and I sell at. He no longer sells there and I
      > haven't seen him in 10 years. He used to sell toy pop-pop boats so when
      > I did the model engine show I convinced him to bring some of his stuff
      > to show the crowd. The bit pop pop engine is one of the things he brought.
      > Nick"
      > Follow up reply from Dr. Larry Winiarski....
      > "Daryl,
      > I went to see Peter Payne( gosh !! it was more than 30 years ago).
      > True,He did not want to work more on the putt,putt without government support .!
      > However, II felt he did have some good insights about what he thought was important in these devices.two things he did that I would like to do but never found the time is:
      > He had a putt putt water pump that pumped to the top of a two story bulding (i would like to try this with my rocket stove for helping people in developing countries)
      > He made a SINGLE tube putt putt that pushed a man carrying row boat.
      > These were research devices that I think were electrically heated. but i would like to use my rocket stove principles to fire them with wood
      > God Bless
      > Larry
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