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1155Anodized Aluminum

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  • Frank McNeill
    Oct 7, 2008
      Hi All,

      In an attempt to replace the current topic, Re: Frank - Houston & IKE,
      I have tried to find something that has not been discussed before.
      Message searches indicated that the word, aluminum has been used but
      that the words, anodize and anodized have not. Anodized aluminum can
      be dyed and printed, meaning that it could be used to convert plans
      for card stock display models of ships and boats into more durable
      aluminum working models of ships and boats. Card stock designs are
      protected by copyrights, so anyone who is interested in this
      suggestion should contact the appropriate designers to suggest that
      conversion of their designs for card stock display models into kits
      for aluminum working models could provide additional income without
      cannibalizing their income from the sales of card stock display models.