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1143Re: Methyl hydrate wick burners to make steam.

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  • Frank McNeill
    Aug 23, 2008
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      Hi Daryl,

      Check out the latest home page picture for a patented permanent wick.
      The patent has probably expired by now in the event that you would
      like to make something like this witched wick of the west.


      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "darylcanada73"
      <darylcanada73@...> wrote:
      > I have been making and using these burners for my putt putts, usually
      > custom designed to fit a particular boat and motor. They are easy to
      > build and work well. An engine I just built required lots of heat in a
      > rather long and narrow shape so I built a burner using two 1" flat lamp
      > wicks side by side. Looked good and burned OK but it did not provide
      > the heat I required. Replaced it with a burner I had at hand using
      > three 1/4" round wicks made in my usual way with cotton string in brass
      > tubing. I was surprised to find that the three round wicks made more
      > heat than the 2 inches of flat wick. Fuel consumption was high with the
      > flat wicks.
      > Can any of you steam guys explain this?
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