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  • lordbthry
    Jun 11, 2008
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      Well thank you,

      Allow me te introduce myself. I'm Paul, 33 years old and I come from
      the Netherlands. One of my (too)many hobbies is to improve things by
      trail and error, in our case the putput or 'pufpaf' engines as I like
      to call them.

      My first experiment was a simple aluminium coil type engine but after
      blewing a gap in the pipe I discarded this attempt. My second engine
      is still in a experimental fase as it continous to run quite voilent.

      It's a brass box design(80mm*25mm*10mm) with an ultra thin membrane
      and 2 nozzeled rear pipes. It runs on a tealight, mostly noisy with
      reasonable performance but sometimes it overheats and stalls.. which
      is bad as I didn't designed it that way! A pro of the design is that
      it is nearly impossible to run it dry as the pipes are fitted about
      2mm in the angled boiler so there will always be a certain amount of
      water in it.

      My new design will be quite unusual. Instead of 2 rear pipes it has 1
      inline pipe with an in only valve at the front and an out only valve
      at the rear. (valves are madee from bicycle tires) The membraned
      boiler is connected with an angled pipe to the valved pipe. The most
      unusual in the design however will be the membrane. It delivers an
      unused source of mechanical energy and I'm about to chance that.

      I hope to post some pics soon, for know.. stay happy and keep
      experimenting with those strange tiny steamers.
      Don't hesitate to ask questions.

      Paul M
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