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  • Jean-Yves Renaud
    Jun 8 2:58 AM
      That's right, Pete,
      There is not much activity on the forum. However, this doesn't mean
      that there is no pop-pop activity. Last week I travelled to the
      Netherlands to meet first in Amsterdam a specialist of coil engines
      and then in Leeuwarden two students who intend to propel by means of
      a pop-pop engine a real size boat with two men on board. This boat
      will run a race this month in the framework of their studies with a
      pop-pop engine… heated by the sun. Yes, a solar pop-pop. As if things
      were not enough difficult… Due to the very weak power developed by a
      pop-pop engine they have not the least possibility to win the race
      and they are aware of this. However, what is very interesting is the
      fact that their first solar pop-pop engine worked. I'll let you know
      more ASAP.
      Two months ago these students built a very interesting pop-pop engine
      with many pressure and temperature sensors, but unfortunately the
      design of the engine was not good enough to get a reasonable thrust.
      That's a pity. And I'm afraid they will never build another one
      because they will finish their studies next week and then they will
      start a new life.

      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Pete B." <georgeyyy@...>
      > To all of our new members,
      > Welcome. Like most groups we run the Gamut of interest and
      knowledge. At
      > present there isn't a high level of activity. I, for one, hope that
      > will help change that. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your
      > interest in the little steamboats.
      > They bring back childhood memories for me. I have been trying to
      > a POP-POP Clermont as a result of recently found interest in Robert
      > Fulton. More later if interested.
      > Again, from Old Frank, Myself and all of our members Welcome.
      > Pete
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