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1090New members and old one in hibernation...

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  • Pete B.
    Mar 21, 2008
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      We have 8 new members in 2008. Welcome all!

      Please tell us a little bit about yourselves and your interest in pop-pop boats.

      Most of our members have yet to come out of hibernation. With the coming of warmer weather perhaps we'll get an update or two on projects.

      Although I have put my copper pop-pop version of the   `CLERMONT" on the back burner I have been busy. I am presently involved with three projects outside of work that pays the bills.

      1. I have organized a group of 5  to develop and build a 1/24 scale animated model of the Boulton & Watt steam engine used by Robert Fulton on his boats. A couple of us will create a 3D CAD model of the engine from which the parts will be cast, machined and assembled by the group. Once completed the display will be donated to the Clermont Historic Site.
      2. I'm working with 95 year old Fred, a model shipwright in finding a permanent home for his Fulton research collection. The results of his research are the two models on our homepage. The 1807 boat is 18.75" long. The 1808 model is 37.5" long.
      3. I am also working with the Rumseian Society in Shepherdstown , WV . They have retired their replica of the Experiment steamboat. They now plan to build a rotary steam engine designed by James Rumsey back in the 1790's He was awarded a British Patent in 1791.  I'll be creating a 3D CAD model from which the components will be fabricated.

      If I retire in a year or two I plan on doing volunteer work at either the Clermont Historic Site or the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston , NY . It will either keep me in or out of trouble.


      Pete B.