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1073Re: [pop-pop-steamboats] Our new members

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  • David Halfpenny
    Dec 1, 2007
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      From: "Donald Qualls" <silent1@...>

      >>>> the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering on a postcard!

      All good stuff, and worth remarking - for the benefit of "Our new members"
      in the subject line - that very little of our traffic is this

      We major in the sheer delight of simple little boats, whether mass produced
      from printed tinplate or cunningly homemade out of cardboard or balsa wood.

      My 'Rattanndeep Enterprise' tinplate Titanic fell out of the cupboard today
      (I caught her before she hit the deck).

      I took a look at her workings. The burner is a 7/8" diameter tinplate tray
      balanced precariously on the outlet pipes out of reach and out of sight,
      and very close to the underside of the pop-chamber. So I think it's fair to
      say that the chances of a successful run As Supplied are vanishingly
      small - par for the course I suppose ;-)

      I shall try to sail her in the kiddies' paddling pool in the park while
      it's too cold for kiddies to paddle, but not cold enough to be drained for
      the winter. I've got some brand new Wellies (gumboots) in case of

      David 1/2d
      Chartered Mechanical Engineer
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