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106Moving right along at a warp speed of four miles per hour—

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  • Frank McNeill
    Aug 1, 2006
      I gave up trying to find out what happened to the
      North River replica of 1909 and decided to combine the
      next two images in Pete Baker's North River photos
      album to make up for lost time.
      One image is described as a Clermont line drawing 2D
      sketch extracted from an Ideal Toy Company
      instruction sheet and the other images is described as
      a KeyCreator CAD rendering, 3D Solids Model of the
      Ideal Toy Company's plastic model of the North River
      Steamboat's Propulsion System.
      I hope members who ordinarily rely on e-mail will
      visit the group each night for a while to see images
      of models and notions related to a possible project
      for developing small North River models that could be
      produced and sold to provide some of the funding Pete
      Baker needs to build a 3/8 replica of 2009.
      Suggestions can be posted to the group, mailed to Pete
      Baker or to old Frank at: < frankmcneilll@... >.

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