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1Welcome to all who join the pop-pop-steamboats group

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  • Frank McNeill
    Jun 23, 2006
      My name is Frank McNeill. I'm an old retired person in
      Houston, Texas. For lack of anything better to do, I'm
      trying to encourage development of new bamboo products
      that might provide a few handicrafts workers in some
      Asian, African or Latin American country with more
      income than they are likely to earn by weaving bamboo
      baskets and mats. A surfboard shop in Australia uses
      sheets of bamboo as an alternative to fiberglass for
      covering cores that are custom carved from blocks of
      The surfboards are reported to be stronger and lighter
      than fiberglass covered boards, so I believe bamboo
      could also be used to make shells for small,
      semi-scale models of old wooden ships. Little tin
      boats with pop-pop steam engines were among the
      favorite toys for little boys back before WW2 when I
      was a kid. Pop-pop boats are still manufactured and
      sold, but the new boats are almost identical to boats
      that I remember playing with when I was a kid. My hope
      for this group is that it will attract members with a
      variety of design, manufacturing and marketing skills
      that might restore some of the pop-popularity these
      little boats enjoyed a long time back when I was a

      Best wishes, Frank

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