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Re: Radio question

Good advice. They can really screw things up!!! Sent from my iPhone
Ted Mcwharf
Feb 2

Re: Radio question

Howdy: Thanks for the info! I can butcher wood OK but am afraid of playing with car electrics. I think what I'll do is visit The City (I live near Seattle
Feb 2

Re: Radio question

Last year I replaced my radio in an 05 Vibe with an aftermarket radio with no problems. One thing aftermarket radios don't do, to my knowledge, is OnStar, but
Feb 1

Re: Radio question

I've replaced the radio of my 06 Vibe twice with aftermarket radios from Crutchfield with no issue whatsoever except I had to do a little surgery on the last
Ralph Whitfield Jr
Feb 1

Re: Radio question

Thanks Ted: I guess I'll ask the Toyota dealer. I shoulda thought of that first! George
Jan 31

Re: Radio question

I think you have to buy a radio like the original (if they are still available. I tried once but an aftermarket cannot be integrated into the car's
Ted Mcwharf
Jan 31

Radio question

Howdy: I recently bought an 03. It's only "bug" is a dead radio display. It has great sound, and by hunting around I managed to get the stations I like into
Jan 31

Re: Replacement headlights

Brought back mine about 80%. I'm an old fart who tries to avoid driving at night anyway. I looked at replacement units and thought them too pricy. Jonathan On
Dec 12, 2014

Re: Replacement headlights

Jonathan, I've tried several of those and have never had the success that they advertise. Ralph
Dec 12, 2014

Re: Replacement headlights

You can buy kits for less than $20 that will clean them up, with a little effort on your part. ... You can buy kits for less than $20 that will clean them up,
Jonathan Meeks
Dec 11, 2014

Replacement headlights

Does anyone have a good source for relatively inexpensive replacement headlights? I have a 2006 Vibe and mine have really fogged over and I would like to
Dec 11, 2014

Re: non interference?

I seem to recall reading/hearing that the chain should last for something like 300,000 miles. That info was from several years ago, so...
Dec 10, 2014

Door Handles

Anyone else hanging onto an old model having problems with the plastic door handles? All four have broke off in the last year. Suggestions for lowest priced
Dec 10, 2014

non interference?

Anyone know if the 1zz (1.8 4 cyl) engine typical of most vibes is an interference or non interference engine? The former will mash valves and pistons if the
Dec 9, 2014

2009 pontiac vibe gt

Hey i'm Kim from NYC - not sure if anyone else on the group lives in the area. I will be selling my red vibe... theres 50k miles on it has stabilitrack...
May 16, 2014
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