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Brakes and oil filter

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  • propertyofgomer
    Hi everyone! I am a new member of this group. I own a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. It has about 26,500 miles on it. I bought it almost a year ago (I think I bought it
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2006
      Hi everyone!

      I am a new member of this group. I own a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. It has
      about 26,500 miles on it. I bought it almost a year ago (I think I
      bought it Sept. 25, 2005). So far, it has been a great vehicle. I get
      great gas mileage - even driving into the city Monday through Friday.
      I do have a couple of questions, however.

      First, do/did any of you have problems with your brakes making noises?
      I read something online about this a while back. Someone said they had
      problems with their brakes making loud noises. They took it to the
      shop, and they were told the noise was due to the cheap break pads
      they used on the Sunfire. They said once the brake pads were replaced,
      the noises stopped. My car has been making the noise on and off. It
      usually does it when I am sitting in stop and go traffic. The brakes
      themselves feel fine - they seem to be working to me. My car is still
      under the manufacturer warranty, so I could take it to the dealership
      to get them to look at it... but I know brake pads wouldn't be covered
      under my warranty (even though, in my opinion, they should be if
      Pontiac did indeed choose to put some crappy brake pads when they
      manufactured the car) Has anyone else had this problem or heard of it?

      Second, I don't know what the other year models are like... but my oil
      filter is kind of in an odd place. It screws into this plastic piece
      which then screws into the motor. Well, anyway, I had my oil changed
      today, and I don't think the guys there knew what they were doing.
      First of all, it took 40+ minutes - when they are a QUICK oil change
      place. Why did it take so long? They couldn't figure out how to get
      the oil filter off. I am almost baffled at this. Two grown men who are
      supposed to be "professionals" couldn't figure out the oil filter... I
      have had my oil changed like 5 or 6 times since I bought my car, and I
      have never had this problem before. I actually know how to change my
      own oil and oil filter, but I don't simply because I don't have the
      time right now. I could have probably done it faster than these guys
      did! It looks like they came very close to stripping the oil filter
      casing too... but I will be calling the oil change place tomorrow to
      tell them about my bad experience... My question is this - of those of
      you that have this oddly placed oil filter, have you had problems
      changing it? Or, have you had problems with other people trying to
      change it? Is there some sort of special tool for it? They tried about
      10 different tools today, and I was sitting there worrying to death
      that they were going to mess up my car. I don't trust a lot of these
      oil changing places anymore....

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

      Julie, GA
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