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  • Goddess Ninmah
    PRESENT AN EXPERIENTIAL at HARBIN (CA) POLY CONCLAVE 7/29-31 July 29, Noon -July 31, 10PM, 2011 Celebrate this delightful, informative, stimulating and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2010
      July 29, Noon -July 31, 10PM, 2011

      Celebrate this delightful, informative, stimulating and growth-inducing
      conference at Harbin Hot Springs, in Middletown, California (2 hours north of
      San Francisco)


      * What Works for You!
      * What's Fun for You!
      * What's New and Interesting in the Poly world!
      * Lead a discussion
      * Present Tantra experiential exercises geared to polys
      * Demonstrate communication techniques that facilitate polyamory
      *Jealousy Management
      * Negotiation methods
      * Perform poly-oriented music or dance or artistry
      * Intimacy enhancement methods
      * Dating Pairs & Triads
      * Polyactism
      * Polyamory & Bisexuality
      * Explore what's worked and what hasn't ...

      ... or whatever else your creative brilliant mind can come up with
      that other polys might find fun, illuminating, inspiring, uplifting,
      healing, fun, informative, instructive, entertaining or fun. (Did we
      mention FUN?)

      Note: Lecture-style events or abstract/theoretical presentations do
      NOT go over well, while audience participation/ interactive events are usually
      MUCH MORE popular.

      All events should directly relate to polyamory, polyfidelity, triading, sexual
      poding, open
      relationships or other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

      Application Deadline: Send your presenter application before May 15, 2011. The
      organizing committee will get back to you within a few days later.

      See a two-minute video about the conference on the link below:
      http://video. google.com/ videoplay? docid=4213542623 747936859& q=polyamory+
      conference&total=55& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 1

      Link to Presenters Form for the Harbin CA PolyCon11, Come aboard. July 29 -31

      In case you've never been there before, you'll love Harbin. Harbin
      Hot Springs, CA near Middleton (two hours from both San Francisco),
      nestles on 1200 acres of beautiful canyon land. It offers natural
      healing waters (hot, warm and cold pools), miles of hiking trails.
      The Poly Conference's area is totally private within Harbin; in our
      area, we can be openly affectionate and even sexual. Harbin is a
      clothes-optional facility.

      POLYAMOROUS POWOWS by Sasha Lessin, www.worldpolyamory@ aol.com

      Poly Conferences provide participants perfect places to contact potential
      At conferences like the "Create and Enhance Conscious Polyamorous
      Relationships" at Harbin Hot Springs California this July 29 -31, you can meet
      quickly get to know people with whom you might fall in love--or at least in
      attraction enough to know if you want to consider as possible intimates.

      Some polys get together in these conferences every year with lovers from other
      parts of the country, meet new lovers, learn techniques to make multiple
      intimacies ever-more satisfying.

      Poly newbies learn in the conferences from us old-timers what works well as
      wewean ourselves from the monogamous matrix and find freedom and fulfillment
      new soulmates and pod participants.

      Some folks are monogamous most of the year but celebrate polyamory at conference
      time. Others make contacts and make arrangements to get together beyond the
      conference, even to create polyfidelous families or ongoing poly pods.

      The seminars at a conference like the Harbin World Polyamory Conference offer
      structured relating exercises, discussions of pair dating, open marriage, triad
      formation and maintenance, as well as cuddle parties, group massage and yoga
      classes where you can talk to, touch and interview like-minded folk who, like
      you, seek multiple lovers and a community that supports the polyamorous

      The seminars teach you how to advertise yourselves on the internet, deal with
      straight relatives, employers and Sarah Palins.

      Conferences like these, springing up all over the U.S. and Europe, let you know
      you are not alone. You can love more and have more love for yourself and enjoy
      your lovers loving more. You learn there are techniques to keep loving more
      pleasurable and growthful and transform potentially painful interaction
      into ecstatic multiperson loving.
      This year we move again into our favorite venue, Harbin's Conference Center.

      It's our private, gated, sex-positive celebrative community, complete with its

      own huge group room, breakaway areas, two hot pools and camping area. Harbin

      Caterers dish up yummy food.

      Camp,sleep in a group room or your rv.

      Ifll be there to welcome newbies, M.C. the program and facilitate your
      experience living in this real-life poly community for three days.

      Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. sashalessinphd@...

      Want to help Janet with logistics? 808 244-4103 janetlessin@...
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