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Update on Polyamory events on Catalina Island: Sept 23-26

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  • saturniaregna
    This is an update on the polyamory events happening on Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California), September 23-26, and beyond.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2010
      This is an update on the polyamory events happening on Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California), September 23-26, and beyond.


      POLY AUTUMNAL EQUINOX PARTY ON CATALINA: (Thursday Evening, 5:30 PM until whenever: Thursday, Sept 23. A rollicking good polyamory party on Catalina Island. (Although we are not taking any more registrations for the workshops scheduled for earlier in the day, people still are welcome to attend the evening party. Anyone who attends the party is welcome to attend the poly group campout Thurs night (& Fri, Sat, and beyond, if they wish). No charge to attend the poly equinox party, but you'll have to cover your own food and lodging costs if you stay the night. If you want to attend, make SURE to RVSP and make arrangements in advance. Showing up unannounced and clueless on Catalina Island is bound to be a very non-habit-forming experience.

      JEALOUSY MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP: Sept 24-26: This is a structured, three day event happening Sept 24-26 in Avalon, on Catalina Island. Very Limited seating. It's all about learning to deal with and transcend the sometimes-difficult emotions that arise in polyamorous relationships and consensual non-monogamy. Emphasis is on learning and practicing techniques you can take home and use on yourself and with your loved ones.

      DISCOUNTS: The early discount rate for Jealousy Management Workshop has expired. The price will go up again after Sept 16. There are, however, still various discounts available, such as for those who attended the 2010 World Polyamory Conference at Harbin Hotsprings earlier this summer, or who went to PolyParadise Camp at Burning Man this year.

      LOW-COST HOTEL ROOM OPTIONS: All the low-cost hotel lodgings we had
      reserved for the event are all spoken for. However, many mid-range price rooms (and plenty of expensive rooms) are still available. Participants will need to handle their own arrangements for these.

      POLY CAMPOUT: Plenty of space at the comfy group campsite just outside of Avalon (with hot enclosed showers, flush toilets, BBQs, fire pit and within walking distance of stores, restaurants etc).
      Anyone wishing to participate in Campout is welcome to do so, even if you do not attend the Equinox Party or the Jealousy Management Workshop.


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