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  • Goddess Ninmah
    WOMEN $50 OFF JUNE 25-27 HARBIN CA. POLYAMORY CONFERENCE We re seeking gender parity to balance the energy at the World Polyamory Association s annual Harbin
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2010

      We're seeking gender parity to balance the energy at the World Polyamory Association's annual Harbin Hot Springs conference. So far more men have signed up, so we're only admitting more guys as more gals sign up. So, women, whether you're coming as a single or part of a pair, let Janet know that you're applying for the $50 off--808 244-4103 or indicate so on the reg. form at www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com

      The Zegg Forum, led by Fred Burks, Lenel DeEmma and Keith Brown gives a community-wide focus for the 100 or so polys and poly-friendlies who gather, 2 hours N. of San Fran for a weekend of intense learning, networking and fun together. In the forum, each person who wishes expresses her- or himself, receives mirroring reactions from other community members and has a friendly and encouraging opportunity to be known. Lenel and Keith's Heart of Now experiences move our encounters into deep communion with each other.

      Deborah Anapol (author of Love Without Limits & Polyamory in the 21st Century), Serena Anderlini-Onofrio (author of Eros, A Journey of Multiple Loves & Gaia and The Politics of Love: Notes from a Poly Planet) and Moses Ma, the charismatic leader of OneTantra open our minds to the importance to the world of our living RELATIONSHIP CHOICE.

      And fun: Zora leads us through enlivening movement encounters. Evalena Rose leads a poly-puja ceremony and a playshop called Evoke Poly Passion. Dave Doleshal facilitates a cuddle party, Amber Seitz guides us through a wonderful touch process--Tansu--and Lola Babylon eases us into a Chakra Tune-Up. Jessica Fergus engineers 7-minute dates. Robert Silber even teaches Genital Massage for polys.

      Then, of course, we have the poly communication experiences. Janet and I teach practical compersion (empathy for our lovers' loves), Dave Doleshal teaches quick techniques to quiet jealousy and Terry Brussel-Gibbons leads sharing ways to find polymates. Deborah and Robert Silber lead an experience called Sex & Sustainability: advanced communication tools for out-of-the-box relationships.

      All sessions are plenary: we learn, experience, eat and play together in our own reserved very private area of Harbin, the Meadow Building. Sleeping room in the building, on its rugs and many cushions, is available on request. You can check-in at noon, June 25 and stay till 10PM in our building June 27.

      Call 808 244-4103 or 808 214 3442 or e-write worldpolyamory@... for info.
      www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com for registration. Be sure to tell us if you're female and wish the $50 discount.
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