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WHAT'S TANTRA GOT TO DO WITH POLYAMORY? by Anastas Harris, Ph.D. & Steven Vouge

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  • Janet Kira Lessin
    WHAT S TANTRA GOT TO DO WITH POLYAMORY? by Anastas Harris, Ph.D. & Steven Vouge, D.C. Tantra helps provide the depth of love and spiritual consciousness among
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      WHAT'S TANTRA GOT TO DO WITH POLYAMORY? by Anastas Harris, Ph.D. &
      Steven Vouge, D.C.

      Tantra helps provide the depth of love and spiritual consciousness
      among poly lovers that brings trust and safety and moves them to open
      to the freedom and joy of their lovers with others as part of their
      own good. And that's compersion.

      Tantra is about living from the place of the God man and God woman.
      This means that we live from a place of high truth and love. We come
      from a place of honoring, reverence and cherishing where the god in
      us bows down to the god in the other. We come from a place of deep
      presence. We are totally present in the moment in all of our senses
      and out of our mind. Our hearts are open. In such a consciousness
      everything becomes more vivid and intense. We are in a place of
      intense appreciation of what is and in being thus we create our
      experience, whatever it is, whether it is what we chose or not, as
      sacred and special.

      Living tantrically isn't only the opposite of violence, disrespect
      and indifference; living tantrically's also the opposite of
      familiarity – a disease that eats away at the turn-on of longterm
      monogamous as well as polyamorous relationships.

      When you live tantrically, you come from that place of high spiritual
      connection and deep love that poly relationships that can give all
      the lovers safety and lets them open to the freedom and joy of their
      partner both with them and with others.

      When you live tantrically, you deeply experience your presence in
      existence and through feel oneness with the void, which is both the
      self and all that is, You experience union with the divine. This
      union' supreme union and it supersedes attachment to the lovers who
      invoke it by their connection. It also is experienced with the lover
      in deep sex. Thus, less is at risk and less is at stake. There is
      no sense that you will be replaced and God does not want to be
      greater than God. Godness replaces specialness.

      Focus on the now, surrender to existence. Existence supports you;
      you can handle the upsets better and transform them into
      opportunities for self and relationship realization.

      Through union with the divine, attachment and suffering diminish.
      Goodness replaces specialness.

      Tantra is about not being attached. It is about saying "Yes" to life
      and flowing with life. Approach "what is" as if you chose it. Find
      the blessing, the gift, in what shows up and you are in present
      time. Perhaps you had a squabble with one of your partner but right
      now you look at your garden in the sunlight. Its beauty in many
      different forms consumes your consciousness. Nothing is lacking in
      this moment. When you return to your partner, you're refreshed and
      enlivened by your garden experience and you meet this partner with
      transformed energy.

      If nothing is resolved, good things are nonetheless present.
      Twilight beckons and a silver world is darkens into a star-filled
      black night. You partner, still has his or her inner beauty; focus
      on that beauty and love it. Your love and your partner's beauty it
      will expand. Then, when you speak from the place of love and truth
      in yourself to that place your partner, you connect. In the end,
      with a tantric attitude, you avoid rage or blame and instead seize
      the chance for you both to grow.

      Dr. Steven Vogue & Dr. Anistas Harris are featured facilitators at
      the Harbin POLYAMORY & TANTRA CONFERENCE, September 12-14 at Harbin
      Hot Springs CA. The experiences they provide will entertain, involve
      and climax the program Friday night, September 12. Join us.


      www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com, worldpolyamory@...
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