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Music of Polyamory: World Television Premiere: Feb 13-18

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  • Saturnia Regna
    In celebration of the Valentine s Day season, I am pleased to announce the World Television Premiere of the spectacular Polyamorous Musical Performance by TES
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2007
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      In celebration of the Valentine's Day season, I am pleased to
      announce the World Television Premiere of the spectacular Polyamorous
      Musical Performance by TES and the God Squad. It will be shown on the
      local cable network in Berkeley, California (Channel 28) several
      times during the next week, but viewable via streaming video
      EVERYWHERE on earth. So even if you don't happen to be fortunate
      enough to live in the Berkeley area, if you have internet access and
      any kind of video viewing software, you can (probably) watch it.
      Depending on the quality of your equipment, the resulting imagery may
      range anywhere from full-screen beautiful color with full stereo
      sound to postage stamp size, black and white, and barely audible.
      Streaming video is an art still in its infancy, but its well worth
      watching all the same.

      Tes and the God Squad have been featured performers at several World
      Polyamory Conferences in California during the last three years,
      which was where the material for this show was recorded.
      Polyamorous Lyrics!
      Fabulous music!
      Live interviews with band members about their experiences with

      To learn more about Tes and the God Squad, check out their website at:


      Show times for TES and the God Squad will be:

      Feb 13 (Tuesday) 7 - 8 PM
      Feb 15 (Thursday) 10 - 11 PM : (Lupercalia)
      Feb 17th (Saturday) 9 - 10 PM
      Feb 18th (Sunday) 3 - 4 PM

      (All times are Pacific Coast/ California USA Time)

      There may be other showings as well over the next few weeks, but as
      of now they have not been scheduled.

      To watch the show on streaming video, go to:


      There will be a little icon to the middle left of the screen that
      says: "WATCH BTV 28 Now" Click on that icon and you should be ready
      to go! Since it can sometimes take a few minutes for the system to
      calibrate and buffer, I suggest tuning in at least 10 minutes early
      just to get it all running smoothly.

      Also, high quality, full color, stereo DVDs containing both the audio
      and video recording of this 1 hour performance are also available on
      a limited basis, $17 per copy, plus shipping and handling. We will
      ship them to anywhere in the world. If you are interested in
      obtaining a copy, contact Dave at :


      The next World Polyamory Conference will happen Oct 5-7, 2007 in
      Harbin Hot Springs, (Northern California). To register, or for more
      information, go to:


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