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Call for Presenters for Jealousy Management Conference: OCT 27-29: CA

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  • saturniaregna
    Hello folks, This is a call for presenters for the 3rd annual Jealousy Management Conference happening October 27-29, 2006 in Berkeley, California. This is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2006
      Hello folks,

      This is a call for presenters for the 3rd annual Jealousy Management
      Conference happening October 27-29, 2006 in Berkeley, California.
      This is a three day affair, - Friday evening 4 PM- 8 PM
      (Oct 27), all day Saturday (OCT 28th) -
      Sunday (OCT 29th) until 2:30 PM.

      The official title so far (subject to change) is:

      "Overcoming Jealousy, Possessiveness, Hatred, Anger and Envy."

      I am seeking people who wish to be presenters at the event.
      The time slots available are 45 minutes each. I am much more
      interested in specific methods and techniques that can be demonstrated
      at the workshop on live people, especially methods which participants
      can learn in a group-participation setting, take home and use
      themselves afterwards - rather than general expositions of philosophy
      or abstract concepts. (We are wanting to move towards a more group
      participation format than last year).

      I am especially interested in methods that are not widely available
      nor known elsewhere. Any kind of method will be considered- no matter
      how strange, unorthodox or wierd, is far game, - provided it actually
      helps people deal with jealousy, possessiveness, betrayal or similar

      If you know of some esoteric, exotic or "secret" way to deal with
      jealousy, hatred, anger etc., this is your chance to share it with
      the world.

      I am not interested in anything illegal or dangerous, but will
      consider virtually any other kind of methods.

      Things to bear in mind if you wish to be a presenter:

      There may be a variety of other interesting poly-related events
      happening in the area that same week, so if you are coming from out
      of town, you might plan accordingly. I am more interested in
      presenters who can stick around for the whole event rather than
      presenters who want to fly in, do their presentation and leave. I
      prefer people who will be available to talk with people individually
      afterwards, and perhaps work individually with a few people Saturday
      evening and/or Sunday.

      Although it is NOT exclusively an event for poly people, it is
      nevertheless geared primarily for the benefit of people wanting to
      live non-monogamous lifestyles. (Most of the people who
      showed up at last years' Jealousy Management Conference were
      poly-folks, poly-wannabes and people struggling with poly, open
      relationships, swinging and kinds non-monogamy issues. But you might
      encounter at least SOME non-poly people, i.e. those seeking mastery
      over the jealousy about their spouse's job, their sibling's lifestyle,
      those trying to overcome possesssiveness about material objects, etc.
      The nature of this event makes this not just invitable but desireable,
      so be prepared.

      Our present argreement allows for an absolute Maximum of 50
      attendees.It is likely to attract mostly local people from in and
      around Berkeley. This will be a small LOCAL event, very focused on the
      subject of Jealousy Management - rather than a large general polyamory
      conference. Because of the nature of this event, in previous years, it
      has tended to attract mostly people who are serious about doing
      emotional work related to multiple relationships rather than people
      who are merely curious or "cruising." So please gear your presentation

      Most participants will be charged $60 - $90 to attend, depending on
      how soon they register. There will be a student discount rate of $25
      available for those who are currently enrolled in college, university,
      seminary or trade school. The rate for presenters will be $20. Price
      does NOT include any meals, lodging nor travel expenses.

      More details will be provided as they become available.

      Anyone interested in this event should contact Dave at:





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