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A little about me,as well my history...

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  • sidhe_tinna
    Hello! My name is Sidhe. I m a 30 yr old female who s been married, but prefers the term long-term relationship, for 8 and a half yrs. We have 3 beautiful
    Message 1 of 108 , Mar 30, 2001
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      Hello! My name is Sidhe. I'm a 30 yr old female
      who's been married, but prefers the term long-term
      relationship, for 8 and a half yrs. We have 3 beautiful
      children and a furry foundling named Enigma...our cat.
      <br><br>About 2-3 yrs. ago my mate and I started talking about
      seeing other ppl. Well, honestly...he started talking,
      and I 'threw tantrums'! I had alot of 'conditioning
      and tradtional values' that were deeply engrained
      into me. It was hard to imagine being able to love
      more than my mate or him loving someone other than
      myself! It's funny now, but at the time I didn't realize
      how 'possesive' I was of him and how immature I was!
      I couldn't figure out how he could sit there and
      say "I love you...but...I want the freedom to date
      others!" It drove me mad! <br><br> He finnally started
      dating others last year and I found myself sulking and
      taking my fear out on him. It was a long hard road...but
      here I am on my own free will! :o) BTW...Many
      appologies my love and thank you for your love and patience,
      and sticking beside a hard headed mule!!! Thank you
      also for helping me learn the valuse of freedom in a
      relationship and the freedom to be Me!! LOL! We all come to
      polyamoury in our own way, just so happends that I took the
      long, hard road. I've learned alot about myself and
      have grown up and matured to levels I never even
      dreamed existed!! I am still VERY much in love with my
      mate and we have a Great relationship...better and
      more loving than we have ever had before. He is dating
      a dear friend of mine and I am currently looking
      for other polyamoury ppl as well as open minded ppl
      to date. <br><br> For me, this has been a
      wonderful(and yes b/c I took the hard road...was a painful but
      revealing!) self evaluating journey!! I know this isn't the
      end, but the beginning of so much yet to come!<br><br>
      I am hoping this club will help ease the journey
      for others who are new to this lifestyle which is
      almost unheard of in our state. Also, I am hoping top
      meet others who are 'seasoned vets' to polyamoury that
      can share their knowledge! Most of all, I want all to
      know that they are not alone in this state!! Let's
      start interacting, shall we?!? Can't wait to meet all
      of you!!!<br><br>Namaste!<br> )O(<br> Sidhe
    • ladude40
      I am 44 and live in Alexandria..
      Message 108 of 108 , Feb 10, 2002
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        I am 44 and live in Alexandria..
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