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Re: [political_analysts] ***Action Alert***Fake alien attack may be planned

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  • callemity
    ... MSNBC...Many reports there and on the news about UFO sightings...I tell you they re prepping us for something and soon...Like the fake ... on their
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2007
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      > Revised...Please read...***Action Alert***Fake alien attack may be
      > planned
      > Are you guys watching Countdown with Olbermann?...8 pm eastern time  on MSNBC...Many reports there and on the news about UFO sightings...I  tell you they're prepping us for something and soon...Like the fake
      > alien attack our government is suppose d to try to scare us  with, being on their agenda...This to rally us under them for  protection and to take all the  heat off them...I really think they may try to blame alien weaponry   for the 911 attacks...sounds crazy...But so are they
      I wonder how the world will take that?
      Bush tried to introduce his alien buddies a few year back - he called it 'Intelligent Design' as I recall.  The US Population laughed in his face and DEMANDED nothing of the 'Dogma' change at all, nothing be upgraded, considered or revamped to reflect a new 'idea' or even [gasp] 'truth'.  We sued infact - state and individual, church and knee jerks.  We demanded evolution remain the only viable option outside the church.
      The Russian 'cold war' in part commenced because the Russians kept threatening to reveal the truth - the US has been increasingly selling out to the Corporations using 'secret tech' data coming in from 'visitors' in the last 50 years - China recently not only proved it, they adapted certain technology to the surprise of the US Corporate Dogs.  Technology that is shifting the material into another dimension, and shifting it like 'magick' - though it's not very 'good' yet, it is turning out interesting results and successfully 'trials' in a rough, new way.
      The Chinese dismayed the US Spies by developing a laser blocking technology that prevents the spies in the sky spying on the Chinese landmass - and the 'meeting' between the privateer Corporates and Chinas 'military space lads' last less than an hour and went - try to stop us, Yankee, and we'll blow it up the US using our nukes, our space defense and  -  our 'new laser and missile array' - go home, Yankee, GO HOME!  [the new reported it slightly differently - but the gist is, China doesn't care what the US 'thinks' - it's military governs its space program and only the US won't sign 'no weapons in space treaties'... that's why China blew the old Sat up - to show the Dogs of Corruption what it now 'can do'... cool, huh?
      The Corporate Dogs are snuggled up with every despot on the planet - and the US Military are fighting their guerilla wars of acquisition... I think it's hilarious that suddenly the US people discover what the rest of the world has long suspected - the US is being 'helped' by an alien lifeform that knows nothing but violence, death and weapons... shrug - so much for the 'friendlies' huh?

      > The Hubble Telescope has been damaged the news just reported...It was  said a certain part could not be fixed, either...I forget the details  but that's what they said that I can remember...The news doesn't
      > usually pick up on UFO sightings...We know it's common but they  usually don't report it...Last week it was all over all the news  networks about something over O'Hare airport and now there's this  report about one being over Hawaii  Not to forget the two times in subsequent pResidential addresses a  few years back when UFO's were seen behind bush on national  television...You'd think there'd be nation wide coverage of that but
      > only one local news station reported it?
      there's UFO's unmistakably in very old paintings from several hundred years ago that show the Virgin and Jesus as aliens - and they are the surviving 'art' of the time when most people knew the truth about both the scriptures and the 'deities'... and today it's all a big -- new secret?
      > Something's up!
      > Marsha...PS...added note...I believe they want to create panic so please forward this and/or warn people of the planned fake attack so  they won't be afraid and help thwart the plans of the evil empire
      > Please join our activists & patriots if you're a concerned citizen  and/or parent>>>
      I'm not trying to be difficult, but - unless the superstitious 'believers' lose their superstition and accept that 'deity' is almost certainly 'alien' and lose the hollywood appeal and plaster board snow jobs - then 'martial law' is right in line because the US is going to be struck with fear mongered lunacy way in excess of anything it's ever known... 80% of the US Population claim that jesus is the son of 'God' - and most refused to have 'God' called anything but by mystic terms - including defying the logical description of 'Intelligent Design'...
      I'd say the US has been TOLD THE TRUTH already - and it's certainly not 'ready' to deal with the outcome.
      And neither is anywhere else...

      When 300 000 US Citizens believe that the 15% of the population with RH negative blood groups should be rounded up and exterminated as Biblical daemon hybrids - I don't think there's any doubt how 'badly' the introduction of 'Aliens instead of God, the Almighty mystic' is going to 'go' for a very real percentage of the worlds population...
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