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P2P: Playing NOW (looping) PBS Liberty series, John Henry Faulk & more

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  • Terry L Parker
    Also available on-demand for free at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LibertyProspects/links/ I m PeerCasting continuously now as AustinLibertyInterNet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 9:01 AM

      Also available 'on-demand' for free at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LibertyProspects/links/

      I'm 'PeerCasting' continuously now as 'AustinLibertyInterNet'
      (Radio/TV) via www.PeerCast.org 

      Distributed networking like www.PeerCast.org may enable people to
      create an alternative to govt licenced & controlled broadcasting.
      That can be useful when promoting things that challenge, or may be
      inconvenient to, established  authoritii :)

      In order to have continuous audio/video streaming for this
      experiment, programming content is Austin Music Network for the most
      part with some other stuff thrown in at various times (Like NOW)  That helps to
      work out the process and make it more reliable. Next, I'll invent
      a 'virtual studio' to produce shows with people scattered around
      various locations instead of physically showing up at one place. :)

      Please test this (at various times as needed) as an audience member
      (or even another 'caster) and let me know of your experience(s).

      -Terry Liberty Parker
      AustinVoiceCall 1.512.462.1776

      Terry L Parker txliberty@...  wrote:


      get a very small self installing program

      then select 'yellow pages'

      to find 'AustinLibertyInterNet' webcasting

      'Independence' TV at phone modem speed

      'LoRez' TV at aprx 33kbps (modem speed)

      and 'dial-up' Radio too at 16kbps  

      as an experiment by me
      in 'distributed networking'

      then please let me know of your experience

      -Terry Liberty Parker
      AustinVoiceCall 1.512.462.1776

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