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  • wale oyewumi
    FROM MANKIND OLAWALE OYEWUMI,TO ALL OF MANKIND{1}. {Saturday 30th,April,2005}. Offshore Tutors, 2A,Ibeh Road,Ago Junction, Okota,Lagos,Nigeria. I humbly begin
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      {Saturday 30th,April,2005}.
      Offshore Tutors,
      2A,Ibeh Road,Ago Junction,

      I humbly begin the rituals of this year's English
      Language Last Gist by beaming the hearts and inspiring
      the minds of mortals here with worthy words of
      welcome.To all members of the supreme human family,I
      also say CONGRATULATIONS! I congratulate you all,not
      only because you have come to listen to seasoned
      instructions from one of the best minds in the teaching
      and writing of the English Language in preparations for
      victory in all local and international examinations,but
      also because providence had programmed your persons
      into the laboratory of universal good which your
      teacher's SAMAFORMISM was predestined to properly
      propagate and dutifully inclined to champion.
      I am confident that having diligently taught for
      six years,the gods of experience and skills will make
      your primary purpose for agreeing to be part of this
      epochal class and the secondary task,which I regularly
      morally lobby that you adopt for the happiness and
      greatness of the human race,shall be grandly
      I have a vision which my faith fosters,the survival
      of the human race;I nurture an ambition which my
      muscles and wisdom worship,the erasure of unethical
      terror and the enthrownment of truly free freedom for
      every superior inhabitant of our hospitable
      planet.Nothing is nobler in knowledge inculcation than
      the teaching and living of collective good,nothing
      worthy as an avocation except investment in human
      The rich are wretched whose clowns are poor;the
      educated are chained whose fellows are bounded;the wise
      are wastrels whose societies boom in doom;the holy are
      satanic whose piousness resent global liberty:men and
      women who wish to be human beings,no matter their
      status,must invest in the noble task of planetary
      By the grace of God,through my SANCROSANCT MANKIND
      FORWARD MOVEMENT{SAMAFORM},the following online groups
      were created for your moral and grammatical good,in
      furtherance of the blissful human destination{and I
      invite you all to join and encourage others as members

      Where people gather to discuss how to garner
      thoughts,motivations and resources to be used in
      building and maintaining five hundred universities
      where all creatures in form and picture of man can be
      freely educated.

      Where the well-being of Africa is discussed with a view
      to improving the continent and the world.

      Where moral and radical writers gather to encourage
      SAMAFORMIST LITERATURE{any work of art dedicated to the
      well-being of the entire humanity,which fosters human
      good,repudiates and wage courageous wars against evil!}.

      Where morally kind men and women gather to generously
      invest thier all for the well-being of the world.

      Where experts,teachers and writers form an online
      masters to Secondary{High}Schools, University
      students,traders,government and examining
      bodies,etc.,to encourage an effective use of the
      English Language{mail
      standardenglishinternational@... for details}.

      Please,join all the groups{since you pay no dime!}
      and start communicating with and reading from other
      focused thousands on THOUGHTS and ACTIONS committed to
      the essence of the world,against all odds.As my
      students,you are all I regard the hope the world
      awaits,so tell the world you will not fail! Even when I
      lose focus{and I will NEVER!},you will do the right
      thing,which is to save the world! Even when I die,my
      vision shall not be interred with me! Because I have
      taught you,the world is hopeful! Provide at least,five
      copies of this speech for five human beings.
      If we fail now in clothing our present and future
      in the brocade of honour by splashing the tides of
      comforts and luxuries at every geography which houses
      the homosapiens,we succeed at NOTHING!
      The disastrously floccinaucinihilipilificatory human
      culture must be murdered,humanity must soar in ample
      survival,moral development and virtuous fulfillment.NOW
      the Last Gist commences.Have a wonderful attendance!
      Thank you all.
      God bless the human race!


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