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I.N. Daily Sunday January 2, 2005

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    I.N. Daily Sunday January 2, 2005 Zionism is Racism, Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism * Pipes Favors Concentration Camps * Israeli spy s passport
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      I.N. Daily Sun day January 2, 2005

      Zionism is Racism, Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism


      Ø      Pipes Favors Concentration Camps

      Ø      Israeli spy's passport sparks row


      Ø      Analysis: New weapons for the weak

      Ø      Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War

      Ø      "Trouble Ahead—Trouble Behind"

      Ø      'Long War' Against Whom?

      Ø      Let's Talk War Crimes

      Ø      Israel defies lessons of the Holocaust

      Ø      The War to Save the U.S. Dollar

      Ø      Montreal Muslim Women Host Québec Human Right Commission, January 8th, 2005


      Pipes Favours Concentration Camps
      Thoughts on the Middle East , History, and Religion

      Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan

      Friday, December 31, 2004


      That the Revisionist-Zionist extremist Daniel Pipes has fond visions of rounding up Muslim Americans and putting them in concentration camps isn't a big surprise. That a mainstream American newspaper would publish this David-Dukeian evil is. Of course, this is also a man that President Bush appointed to a temporary vacancy at the United States Institute of Peace, after the Senate understandably balked at a regular appointment for him.
      Pipes's little project requires him to attempt to justify the internment of American citizens (of Japanese ancestry) during World War II, a violation on several grounds of the Bill of Rights. I hope Asian-Americans realize that a key wing of the Republican Party, i.e. the Neoconservatives, wishes them ill.


      Israeli spy's passport sparks row

      Saturday January 1, 2005

      The use of forged British passports by Mossad assassination squads triggered a Foreign Office protest.

      But just as diplomats were about to call in the Israeli ambassador, it was discovered that civil servants elsewhere in Whitehall were in the process of renewing the UK passport held by a senior Israeli secret service agent.

      "David Kimche is... controller of Israeli intelligence service operations in western Europe," a secret Foreign Office memo said in 1974. "He is a member of the diplomatic staff in the Paris embassy. He was born in the UK and for many years had a British passport. This has expired."

      The murders of a Moroccan in Norway and Arab activists in Lebanon had infuriated diplomats when it was discovered that both had been carried out by Mossad agents, several of whom were using falsified British documents.


      By Ytzhak

      Friday December 31, 2004 at 11:34 PM

      Some thinkers believe that Americans were perhaps too stupid to see past the Administration's smokescreen for the War on Iraq . I am not so convinced. I think many people simply didn't care. Where, as here, the 'enemy' were nonwhite Arabs, and mostly, folks of an alien faith, it was easy to project them as fair game -- even if Iraq actually hadn't a thing to do with 9/11.


      [Col. Writ. 11/28/04) Copyright 2004 Mumia Abu-Jamal

      We Americans claim to be a peace-loving people. We hate bloodshed; we are opposed to violence. Yet we go into spasms of joy over the possibility of projecting dynamite bombs from flying machines upon helpless citizens ...
      Yet our hearts swell with pride at the thought that America is becoming the most powerful nation on earth, and that it will eventually plant her iron foot on the necks of all other nations. -- Emma Goldman, Radical Emigrant & Activist "Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty " (1908) (Fr. Howard  Zinn & Anthony Arnove, *Voices of a People's History of  the United States * (N.Y.: Seven Stories Press, 2004), p. 271]

      In light of the recent election, these coming four years promise to be ones of continuing war. Nor will it end, no matter who is elected in 2008. That's because the major allegedly opposition party, given its deep corporate funding, will not dare to truly oppose the Administration. They fear being targeted as 'unpatriotic,' or, even worse, 'soft on terrorism.'

      That's because, they know, at some level, that millions of Americans rally to the martial strains of war. Even a 'bad war.' Even one based upon false pretenses. Even one based upon that most ulterior of motives -- greed.


      Analysis: New weapons for the weak

      Hanan Ashrawi argues that only non-violent resistance can hope to disarm occupation


      2004 was a very unilateral year. It was a year when the aggressors took the initiative. We had unilateral military intervention not only in Iraq and Palestine , but in other countries as well. We saw a rise in the abuse of power, especially in the form of occupation, and all of it under the guise of the war against terrorism. And in many cases, as well, people's response to this violence against them was violent and aberrant, in violation of their own moral values.


      Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War

      By Dana Priest

      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Monday, December 27, 2004; Page A01


      The airplane is a Gulfstream V turbojet, the sort favored by CEOs and celebrities. But since 2001 it has been seen at military airports from Pakistan to Indonesia to Jordan , sometimes being boarded by hooded and handcuffed passengers.

      The plane's owner of record, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., lists directors and officers who appear to exist only on paper. And each one of those directors and officers has a recently issued Social Security number and an address consisting only of a post office box, according to an extensive search of state, federal and commercial records.


      "Trouble Ahead—Trouble Behind"


      Restructuring the Global Economy, A new Marshall Plan

      By Chris P. Dialynas

      Today, the global economy is on the threshold of upheaval. The U.S. has borne the majority of the costs associated with the substantial structural change in the global economic architecture of the past ten years. Severe trade and financial imbalances pose grave risks to international stability. Keynesian spending policies and monetary stimulus predicated upon by Adam Smith’s free trade dogma, and the importance of global growth have produced the vulgar externalities of unsustainable indebtedness in the U.S. and Japan and excessive reliance on foreign capital in the U.S. As shown in Charts I and II below, domestic, non-financial business debt outstanding in the U.S. roughly doubled from approximately $3.8 trillion in 1994 to approximately $7.6 trillion today. Over the same period, the U.S. current account deficit soared from approximately 2 percent of U.S. GDP to nearly 6 percent, or by about $3 trillion, accounting for 75 percent of the increase in U.S. debt formation. Absent a long overdue global restructuring, status quo policies yield to these imbalances. The U.S. current account deficit is forecast to grow to 8 percent of GDP in a few years.


      'Long War' Against Whom?

      By Robert Parry
      December 31, 2004


      George W. Bush’s vision for America ’s future is coming into clearer focus following Election 2004: For the next generation or more, it appears the American people will be asked to sacrifice their children, their tax dollars and possibly the remnants of their democracy to what a top U.S. commander now candidly calls the “Long War.”

      While Central Command’s Gen. John Abizaid defines the “Long War” as the indefinite conflict against Islamic extremism around the world, Bush and his supporters have already opened a second front at home, determined to silence or neutralize domestic dissent that they see as sapping American “will.”

      Not only has Bush continued to purge his second-term administration of even the most soft-spoken skeptics, but his disdain for criticism has emboldened his supporters to routinely refer to public dissenters as “traitors.”


      Let's Talk War Crimes


      The concept of war crimes is a fairly recent one. Before World War II, it was basically accepted that the horrors of war were "in the nature of war." However, in a war like Iraq   the lines become more blurred every day we're there. Why the media can jump all over Clinton for a little SEX on the job baffles me, cause they have seemingly MISSED every LIE that bush and his cronies have pushed on us. What's worse? A little "cigar play" with a secretary, or lying to start a war that has killed 1300+ Americans, destroyed US credibility world-wide, and killed 15,000+ Iraqi civillians?
      Why go so far as to claim War Crimes?
      A war crime is a punishable offense, under international law, for violations of the law of war by any person or persons, military or civilian. Every violation of the law of war is a war crime. It comprises such acts as mistreatment of prisoners of war or civilians.  Genocide, crimes against humanity, mistreatment of civilians or combatants during war can all fall under the category of war crimes.
      Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention defines war crimes as: "Willful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, including... willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, unlawful deportation or transfer or unlawful confinement of a protected person, compelling a protected person to serve in the forces of a hostile power, or willfully depriving a protected person of the rights of fair and regular trial, ...taking of hostages and extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly."



      Israel defies lessons of the Holocaust


      Applying personal experience of the Holocaust into a wider moral context is surely the only way to prevent such events from recurring ("Placing Holocaust into a personal and moral context," Dec. 18).

      If the memory is merely personal, it fails to touch the rest of society; if it is moral, it becomes an unforgettable historical lesson.

      What is the moral context? It is certainly that racism is an ultimate evil.

      When an ethnic group is made a scapegoat for society's ills, as the Jews were Hitler's scapegoat for the problems of the Weimar period and the Versailles Treaty, and when society as a whole supports this racism rather than protecting human rights, a Holocaust follows.

      There are many Holocaust museums. And yet this moral lesson has not been learned, particularly in Israel -- where a particular ethnic group continues to be scapegoated for the violence of a few, and where society as a whole has failed egregiously to protect the human rights of the Palestinians and has repeatedly supported an iron-fist policy that inflicts punishment on the whole Palestinian people.

      The moral lesson of the Holocaust was turned on its head in Israel when Zionists drove Palestinians from their land and continue to confiscate more and more even now, 57 years later.

      The expulsion from their land is called al-Nakba -- "the catastrophe" -- by the Palestinians.

      Perhaps a Nakba Museum , sited right next to Yad Vashem, would teach the moral lesson better than another Holocaust museum.

      Miriam M. Reik
      New York



      The War To Save The U.S. Dollar

      By: Gavin R. Putland

      First released March 26, 2003; revised April 18, 2003

      The Americans could live with Saddam until he started selling oil for euros instead of U.S. dollars. Then the Europeans could live with him.

      At the end of World War II, the USA was the world's biggest national economy and the only great power whose industrial base was not damaged by the war. America 's huge productive capacity made the U.S. dollar the easiest currency to spend in the global market and consequently the most acceptable foreign currency outside the USA . By the late 1950s, however, the recovery of Europe and Japan caused a suspicion that there were too many dollars in circulation. Central bankers began to exchange their dollars for gold under the terms of the 1944 Bretton Woods treaty, whereby the currencies of participating countries were backed by gold. In 1971, in response to the depletion of U.S. gold reserves, President Richard Nixon announced that the dollar would no longer be redeemable for gold. So the system of fixed exchange rates via gold-backing fell apart. It was thought that the dollar would decline in value as traders relied less on the dollar and more on the emerging European and Asian currencies. But support for the dollar came from an unlikely quarter.


      Montreal Muslim Women Host Quebec Human Right Commission, January 8th, 2005

      Lecture by Shirley Sarna (from Quebec Human Right Commission) Jan 8 2005



      Women chapter of The Canadian Muslim Forum (CMF) and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC),

      Invites you to attend a lecture presented by Mrs. Shirley Sarna, an executive from Quebec Human Right Commission.

      Saturday January 8th at 5:00 PM, Dar-Al Imaan School, 4505 Henri Bourassa West, Ville St-Laurent, entrance is free and day car for children is provided.


      Les femmes de Forum Musulman Canadien (FMC) et l’Association Musulmane du Canada (MAC)

      Vous invite à une conférence prisent Mme Shirley Sarna, une représentante de la commission des droits de la personne du Québec.

      Samedi le 8 janvier 2005 à 17h, École Dar-Al Imaan, 4505 Henri Bourassa Ouest, Ville St-Laurent, Gratuit avec garderie.




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