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Wakf Protection and Restoration Movement

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  • ahmedsohail siddiqui
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wakf-Protection-and-Restoration-Movement/243398612379098 Wakf Protection and Restoration Movement 7 hours ago Asak All The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2013
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      Asak All

      The proposed Wakf Bill for amendments to be introduced in the current monsoon session is full of clauses which will destroy the concept and purpose of Wakf.The state embedded " Muslim leadership" has given their clearance to this bill keeping Muslims in dark and have bartered with the Anti-Muslim proposals of the UPA government via this bill.

      Most of the "Muslim leaders" are themselves biggest thieves and have sold wakf properties illegally and have forcefully occupied prime properties.Their bread and butter comes from these wakf properties.One such "Muslim leader" is a Minister in UPA government and member of central wakf council.He for a sum of 50 crore's gave clearance to Mukesh Ambani's House built on wakf land,this Ambani bribe to this NCP leader has filled his personal coffers but the beneficiaries for whose benefit wakf had been created are at a huge loss.This wakf land was worth at least 2500 crores.The minister has personal houses in all major cities of India.It is a common knowledge that when he came to Delhi elected as an MP from Bihar he could not even afford proper shoes.

      The story is almost same about all the Muslims Maulana's who are in the fore front in exploiting wakf properties for personal future.The other MP Asaduddin Owaisi and his brother too are in the fore front in wakf properties exploitation, the deal in the Lanco hills [40,000 crore] is before all.Even the opponents of these Muslim leaders are too themselves involved in wakf scams for personal gains.The case of proprietors of owners of Munsif and Siasat Urdu dailies from Hyderabad is known to all. Maulana A.R.Qureshi from Hyderabad is known as "chotta" in such matters. Maulana Wali Rahmani too is know as biggest Wakf mafia in Bihar.Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi from Lucknow has crossed all limits.Everything is halal for a fees for Mufti saheb of Delhi's Fatehpuri's mosque.

      The Microsoft offices in Hyderabad is courtesy TDP leader former CM of AP on wakf land.Several corporate's in Hyderabad have been given wakf land at throw away prices courtesy Congress party.In New Delhi, Delhi Public School,Oberoi Hotel,Shamshaan Ghaat ,CBI and Raw headquaters,Civil services officers clubs and hundreds of prime properties worth several thousand crores are in wrongful possession of governments and semi - government Institutions as policy to destroy Wakf.

      Recently Shahrukh khan was given prime Wakf land at a throw away price in Mehrauli to fulfill his dream of establishing a Medical college. Congress leaders from Delhi like Tajdar Babbar and Mateen Ahmed made a fortune out of the deal ? Medical college has started functioning but who are the beneficiaries ? Not even a single seat is reserved for a Muslim student ,rather the Hospital and college has a Brahman Minister Rajiv Shukla as a partner with Shahrukh Khan. 

      Muslim leaders from Maharashtra and Karnataka have been in news for record wakf encroachments.

      In UP the mafia runs too deep.A Noida sector -18 graveyard of wakf was converted in Appu Ghar courtesy then SP Leader Amar Singh during Mulayam Singh's rule.Every day more and more news comes of encroachments of wakf properties during Akhilesh Yadav's government.Same is the situation in West Bengal and Assam.

      In all these developments where the governments,Muslim leaders and laws all have teamed up to capture wakf properties all over India,what should be done ? and How should it be done to protect and restore wakf ? 

      [1] The movement needs to get wakf properties under occupation of state governments and federal government identified.

      [2] The movement needs to Identify wakf properties under encroachment of Muslim leaders and sold by them.

      [3] The movement needs to Identify weak laws which enable wakf misuse and destruction.

      [4] The moment needs to Identify honest wakf officers all over INDIA who are our real asset and honor them.

      [5] The movement needs a permanent office and team of lawyers committed to wakf protection and Restoration cause in all the state's of India.

      [6] Movement needs to ensure to create awareness among public about wakf properties corruption by Muslim leaders and political parties.

      [7] The proposed Wakf Bill which is a big conspiracy hatched at the top level with the connivance of" embedded Muslim leadership" to finish of wakf concept in India in name of modernization,must not be passed at any cost.

      [8] The federal UPA government must order a CBI probe into wakf encroachments all over India and a white paper be issued before passing any new law or amendments in wakf laws.

      [9] All wakf Boards in India and records available with them should be linked with the office of Wakf Protection and Restoration Movement. 

      Your active co-operation and suggestion are required.


      Siddiqui Ahmed Sohail -  wakfprotectionandrestoration@...
      Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
      Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in

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