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Oh the Brave American Nation!-Dr.M.K.Sherwani

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  • Sherwani Mustafa
    Oh the Brave American Nation!             (June,28,2010 )************ ********* ******My prescient vision has  made me sure,You  seem zealous
    Message 1 of 103 , Dec 1, 2011

      Oh the Brave American Nation!

                   (June,28,2010 )

      ************ ********* ******

      My prescient vision has  made me sure,

      You  seem zealous to bring your doom;

      Your sins have polluted the entire world,

      All are the omens for ending your bloom.

      Your conceit makes you deaf and blind,

      Your name has become the sign of hate;

      Invasion and oppression  are your traits,

      To spill the blood has  become your fate.

      Chaos, turmoil, carnage, vices and wiles,

      All stand as the attributes of your name;

      You   think : Power has made you great,

      Bereft of virtue, it is nothing but shame.

      I know in the veil of fight against terror,

      You want to spread  terror of your make;

      Now I see palpable   terror on your face,

      You may   hide it  for your  honour sake.

      Believe me! still it is not too late for you,

      To  judge the scale  of right and wrong;

      To drop your arrogant and ignorant view,

      To  give this harried world a  hearty song.

      Get rid of  Israel  - your  illegitimate child,

      Or it will  bring a terrible havoc for you;

      Withdraw your army from Muslim lands,

      It  will give you an image, fresh and new.

      Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.

      Lucknow,U.P. India


    • Sherwani Mustafa
      Two poems for those who have lost their mothers           On Mother s  Day ( May,10) ( From my poetry book  Voice of Heart
      Message 103 of 103 , May 6, 2015

        Two poems for those who have lost their mothers
                   On Mother's  Day ( May,10)

        ( From my poetry book ' Voice of Heart' )
        ****************************** *************

        ************ ********* ********* ***
        She was a shield against  the Divine Chastisement,
        When my sinful life invoked the Almighty's wrath;
        Her prayers for Mercy  always  placated  His Fury,
        Under her feet I used to see the glimpse of Paradise .
        She was an oasis  in this stormy desert of life,
        When the  blasts of   winds left me bewildered;
        Her face always gave me the  hope  and zest of life,
        Under her  guidance I  found  the meaning of 'love'.
        Alas!   She left me alone in this forlorn world ,
        In the dawn of  Friday , April , 24  this year;
        Reciting the eternal words,with her  finger raised,  
        She returned from this transit to her Guardian Lord.
        But the day  brought for me the most lethal blow,
        With none to protect , now I am fearful of my sins;
        My childhood has been snatched in a ruthless way,
        As I will never hear the sweet words 'my dear son'.
        ************ ********* ********* ********* **
          Why I am Weeping on Mother's Day?
           **** ************ ********* *******
        From the streams of messages on various groups,
        I have  intuition that there is Mother's Day around;
        What it is, and how it came ?, I know nothing of it,
        But each of them is breaking my heart into pieces.
        I had also a mother, so caring, lovely and affectionate,
        She left me  a year ago.Everyone is to leave this world;
        But I will definitely curse my fate till I am alive,
        As I was not beside her during the last days of her life.
        I reached her when she was lying silent and breathless,
        It was my first meeting with her when I was weeping ;
        And she did not stretch her arms to welcome her son,
        Alas! Alas! Alas! How unfortunate I was, and I am.
        ************ ********* ********* ********* ****
        Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
        Sherwani Nagar, Sitapur Road
        Lucknow,U.P. India

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