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Oh dear Sanjiv Bhatt!- Dr.M.K.Sherwani

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  • Sherwani Mustafa
    Oh dear  Sanjiv Bhatt!*******************You  seem a true  follower of Ram ,I salute your honesty and candor;Your upright and bold  testimony,Have 
    Message 1 of 103 , Oct 1, 2011
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      Oh dear  Sanjiv Bhatt!


      You  seem a true  follower of Ram ,

      I salute your honesty and candor;

      Your upright and bold  testimony,

      Have  proved your mettle and valor.

      Like Ram, your conscience is clean ,

      You stood  against the Ravan of the day ;

      But The Almighty  will come to your help,

      You have  said  what you wanted to say .

      ‘Hai Ram ke wajood par Hindostan ko naaz,

      Ahle nazar kahtey hein jisko Imame Hind.’

                                                      “ Iqbal”


      (Senior I.P.S. Officer  Sanjiv Bhatt has been arrested for deposing against )

      Dr. Mustafa kamal Sherwani
    • Sherwani Mustafa
      Two poems for those who have lost their mothers           On Mother s  Day ( May,10) ( From my poetry book  Voice of Heart
      Message 103 of 103 , May 6
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        Two poems for those who have lost their mothers
                   On Mother's  Day ( May,10)

        ( From my poetry book ' Voice of Heart' )
        ****************************** *************

        ************ ********* ********* ***
        She was a shield against  the Divine Chastisement,
        When my sinful life invoked the Almighty's wrath;
        Her prayers for Mercy  always  placated  His Fury,
        Under her feet I used to see the glimpse of Paradise .
        She was an oasis  in this stormy desert of life,
        When the  blasts of   winds left me bewildered;
        Her face always gave me the  hope  and zest of life,
        Under her  guidance I  found  the meaning of 'love'.
        Alas!   She left me alone in this forlorn world ,
        In the dawn of  Friday , April , 24  this year;
        Reciting the eternal words,with her  finger raised,  
        She returned from this transit to her Guardian Lord.
        But the day  brought for me the most lethal blow,
        With none to protect , now I am fearful of my sins;
        My childhood has been snatched in a ruthless way,
        As I will never hear the sweet words 'my dear son'.
        ************ ********* ********* ********* **
          Why I am Weeping on Mother's Day?
           **** ************ ********* *******
        From the streams of messages on various groups,
        I have  intuition that there is Mother's Day around;
        What it is, and how it came ?, I know nothing of it,
        But each of them is breaking my heart into pieces.
        I had also a mother, so caring, lovely and affectionate,
        She left me  a year ago.Everyone is to leave this world;
        But I will definitely curse my fate till I am alive,
        As I was not beside her during the last days of her life.
        I reached her when she was lying silent and breathless,
        It was my first meeting with her when I was weeping ;
        And she did not stretch her arms to welcome her son,
        Alas! Alas! Alas! How unfortunate I was, and I am.
        ************ ********* ********* ********* ****
        Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
        Sherwani Nagar, Sitapur Road
        Lucknow,U.P. India

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