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Government is doing everything for Muslims but is not doing anything for Kashmiri Pandits

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  • satbir singh
    Kind attention is invited to the following news report in www.yahoo.com dated 1.3.2010:   RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday criticised Prime
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010

      Kind attention is invited to the following news report in www.yahoo.com dated 1.3.2010:


      "RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for favouring minorities over Hindus, and alleged that the majority community was not getting its due in the country, especially in the Valley where there was a separate yardstick of justice for them.

      "How can someone of the level of Prime Minister say, in violation of the Constitution, that they (minorities) have the first claim over resources?" asked Bhagwat while addressing a Hindu Samagam (conclave) here.
      The RSS chief's attack on the Prime Minister came when he was making a case that Kashmiri Pandits were being ignored while separatists and terrorists, including those who were killing Muslims, were being pardoned and encouraged. He blamed vote bank politics for the sorry state of affairs of Hindus in the Valley.
      Peace talks only helped extremists to regroup, he said, wondering, "I don't know if it's nasha (intoxication) or vote ki asha (hope for votes). Baki sab ke liye ek nyay aur Hinduon ke liye anyay (there's injustice for Hindus but a separate yardstick of justice for the rest.)"
      Quoting a Jain saint, Bhagwat said "teaching a lesson to fundamentalists was true ahimsa (non-violence). Such ahimsa is not being practised because of lack of intellect and fear".
      Without naming Islam and Christianity, he came down heavily on these religions for being violent and using tricks to convert people practising other faiths. "They talk of peace and service but force their deities down the throats of others."
      Hinduism was the only religion that respects diversity, the RSS chief said, unlike other religions that preach "only we will go to heaven while the rest will end up in hell". They say 'unity is impossible without uniformity' and thrust their ideology on the rest.
      He was critical of the West for its exploitative policies. "The solution lies in Hindutva, which talks of co-existence and unity with nature."
      The RSS had invited common people to the conclave and asked them to experience it from within.
      Milind Ghatwai"
      My Comments 
      I had sent the following e-mail to the President of India and PM of India etc. on 18.1.2010 but have not been favoured with a reply:

      "Plight of Kashmiri Pandits vis-a-vis Muslim mentality

      Monday, January 18, 2010 7:14 PM
      "satbir singh" ssbedi1945@...
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      19th Janauary, 1990 was the date on which mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits took place from the Kashmir Valley. As the 20th anniversary of the exodus is approaching, I want to draw attention to their plight vis-a-vis Muslim mentality.
      The Kashmiri Pandits have really become refugees in their own homeland but this was not unexpected for wherever Muslims are in majority, they try to expel minority people or convert them to Islam or reduce them to the status of a dhimmi. This is what is happening in Pakistan and Bangladesh also. The Hindus from the NWFP are being expelled slowly but systematically so that they lose their homes and hearths. I know because many of my Hindu relatives have come from Pakistan's NWFP never to return to that country. Similarly, Bangladesh is also expelling Hindus or converting them to Islam. The Hindus are being treated as second rate citizens in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Muslims want to convert the whole world into Islamic State. They are producing so many children in the countries in which they have a sizeable population that the countries would soon become Muslim majority states. Moreover, wherever Muslims have a presence, they start fighting for seizing hold of the particular region of the country where they are in majority. This is happening in Chechnya, in South Thailand, in South Philippines, in Malaysia and of course, in Kashmir Valley. Our civilization, our culture and our freedom are all at stake. If we are not able to fight the Muslims to the finish, we would soon become Muslims ourselves. It is a question of they or us for we people. So, we should come out of our lethargy and fight the Muslims with all our might.
      Satbir Singh Bedi, BH(Poorvi) 682, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088"
      It is really disgusting that while the Government of India is doing everything to woo Muslims and get their votes, they are practically doing nothing for the Kashmiri Pandits who have become refugees in their homeland.  It is strange that even our Army of 5 Lakhs is not able to save a few lakh Kashmiri Pandits from the fury of the separatists who had killed some Kashmiri Pandits mercilessly so that the rest of these Pandits had fled the valley.  Is it not shameful for the Government of India that it cannot ensure the safety of its own citizens while extending a hand of friendship to the separatists who would never allow the Kashmiri Pandits to get settled in the Valley.  What is required to be done is that article 370 of the Constitution be abolished so that Kashmiri Pandits with the help of ex-Servicemen could be settled in the Kashmir Valley and the Muslim terrorists are paid back in their own coin.  The only way in which these coward terrorists can be dealt with is to instil terror in their hearts i.e. let us terrorise the terrorists.  Can Government of India do it is the million dollar question?  Israel has done it and the Muslim terrorists are afraid of them.  If Israel can do it, why cannot India do it?
      Satbir Singh Bedi, BH(Poorvi) 682, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088

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