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US should help India nullify Sino-Pak-Bangladesh axis

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  • satbir singh
    According to a news item in the Times of India dated 30th November, 2009, Pakistan may relocate around 100,000 military personnel from its restive border area
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      According to a news item in the Times of India dated 30th November, 2009, Pakistan may relocate around 100,000 military personnel from its restive border area with Afghanistan if there is an escalation in tension
      with India, which has hinted at the involvement of Pakistani elements in the Mumbai carnage, a media report said on Sunday.

      A private channel reported that Pakistan's military and intelligence sources told a select group of journalists on Sunday that NATO and American command had been told that Islamabad would be forced to relocate its military from the borders with Afghanistan if there is escalation in tension with India, where nearly 200 people were killed in the multiple terror attacks on the Indian financial capital.

      "These sources have said NATO and the US command have been told that Pakistan would not be able to concentrate on the war on terror and against militants around the Afghanistan border as defending its borders with India was far more important," Geo News quoted senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir as saying.

      He also said the sources had briefed the media that the decision not to send the ISI chief Lt Gen Shuja Pasha to India was taken after Indian foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee used a very aggressive tone with Pakistani officials on telephone after the Mumbai attacks.

      "The decision to not send the ISI DG to India was taken because Mukherjee used strong words with Pakistani officials and warned of consequences," Mir quoted the military sources as saying.

      Here is an instance of the Kettle calling the Pot black. It should be India who should be wary of Pakistan and put its troops on border with Pakistan. Rather, presently it is the other way around. Pakistan is wary of India and wants to transfer 1 lakh of its army men from Afghanistan border to Indian border and informing USA and NATO accordingly. However, USA should not take any serious note of Pakistan withdrawing its forces from the Afghan border because Pakistan has been of no help to USA in fighting the Taliban terrorists.

      It is now six years and Pakistan has not helped USA at all in locating Osama Bin Laden or in checking terrorism. This is a particularly long period of time and USA should realise that it cannot stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. One day or the other it has to quit Afghanistan. So, it should do what it wants to do and complete its mission in alliance with India as Pakistan itself is divided into terrorists and anti-terrorist forces. Divided Pakistan would be of no use to USA. In fact, US President Bush realised it when he refused to sign an Indian type nuclear deal with Pakistan because Pakistan has leaked nuclear secrets to Iran etc.
      So, Bush did not trust Pakistan but he did not act in accordance with his mistrust. He still trusted Pakistan to deliver the goods. Now, the USA should realise once for all that Pakistan cannot fight terrorism. It is India which can help USA to fight terrorism.

      However, India is being targetted by a Sino-Pak-Bangladesh axis. The Indian politicians have been foolish enough to allow this axis to grow. First of all, Nehru did not heed Sardar Patel's advice and recognised China's suzerainty over Tibet. He also did not build up Indian Army so that it could combat China again ignoring Sardar Patel's advice. So, Indian army was unprepared for the attack when China invaded India in early nineteen sixties. India was defeated in that war and enmity grew between China and India. This resulted in the friendship between China and Pakistan because enemy's enemy is friend. So, Sino-Pak axis has been built in the early sixties.

      China had attacked India because it claimed that Arunachal Pradesh was part of Tibet. Had Nehru listened to Patel and not recognised Chinese suzerainty over Tibet, no such war would have taken place. However, that was not be and the Sino-Pak axis was developed.

      Nehru could not bear the humiliation of defeat at the hands of China and died of heart attack in 1964. Then a war broke out between India and Pakistan in 1965 in his successor's rule. India won but the Prime Minister, Shastri did not gain any mileage out of it for India and died. Thereafter, Indira Gandhi came to power. In her regime, East Pakistan revolted against the domination of West Pakistan, particularly, Panjabees and the result was Bangladesh war. Bangladesh was liberated by India and Mujib-ur-Rahman who became the Head of the Government, remained friendly with India but in August, 1975, Mujib was killed by pro-Pakistani elements and Bangladesh too became India's enemy and became China's friend. Thus, Sino-Pak-Bangladesh axis was built.

      In the ensuing years, a lot of illegal Bangladeshi migrants came to settle in India by the courtesy of certain politicians who wanted them as Vote Bank. The Bangladesh Government also seems to be behind this influx because they wanted to disturb the demography of Assam and West Bengal so that they could grab these States and cut off North Eastern India from India. China could then grab the North Eastern India. So, this is a conspiracy to dismember India.

      Now, it is in the interest of both India and USA that they should come together and defeat this Sino-Pak-Bangladesh axis. USA in the first instance should destroy Pakistan's nuclear installations so that they might not fall into the hands of Talibani terrorists. Then it should leave Pakistan and Afghanistan to themselves. As for India, it should take immediate steps to (i) abolish article 370 conferring special status on J&K and settle ex-servicemen there to fight the terrorists, (ii)cancel all trains and buses to Pakistan and Bangladesh and POK so that there is no infiltration of the terrorists into India, (iii) reform the police, coastal guard and intelligence services so that India could prevent the coming of the terrorists as well as prevent the acts of terror from happening and (iv) deport all Bangladeshi illegal migrants so that they are not used for terrorist acts against India.

      Satbir Singh Bedi
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