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UNION RALLY,Lets stand up 4 Them ~~~~ Join Us Please !!! Thank You ~~~~~~~~

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  • Alexis Endurance
    The prisoners are dying and there is only you to stand up for them, caring starts with YOU !!!!!!! United for No Injustice, Oppression, or Neglect UNION RALLY
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
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      The prisoners are dying and there is only you to stand up for them, caring starts with YOU !!!!!!!
      United for No Injustice, Oppression, or Neglect
      An Urgent Call for Compassion and Common Sense in Corrections
      Prisoners are People Not Political Pawns - Epidemics Are Spreading Everywhere
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      Friday, September 7, 2007
      10 a.m. until we drop. Come early and help out
      NORTH SIDE, Sacramento Capitol Building
      L Street and llth Street Side
      Sacramento, California
      Stirring Speechettes by
      Theresa Vaughn, Mother of Timothy Souders, a 21 year-old mentally ill prisoner whose death by medical neglect was featured twice on 60 Minutes this year. (July)Rev. B. Cayenne Bird, UNION Director will discuss status of 28 wrongful death lawsuits in progress filed by families and the work that is needed for the future.Speakers on Sentencing Commission, Prison Cap and Overcrowding and their relevance to the Crisis
      California Nurses Will Address the MRSA epidemic, Medical & Mental Health Care Issues and VulnerabilityNora Weber (Mother of Mark Grangetto) will describe her experience with the courts in seeking remedy for her son.UNION family members of prisoners in crisis will describe their own crisis when a loved one became ill, injured or died in custody.
      Medical worker will address methods
      of prevention
      Legislative Sponsor will speak about the critical, relevant bills in progressYou are needed to attend and bring people as only crowds influence the legislators - individuals do not count or the problems wouldn't exist. You are needed. Bring ice water, protest signs
      The Travel Lodge is a ten minute walk from the North Steps at the Sacramento Capitol on H Street. There is also a Motel 6 on Richards Blvd., a short drive away. Please book all hotel, rental cars and airline tickets through this link online.
      There are a number of parking garages in the Capitol area.  There is a public parking garage across form the Capitol steps when you turn right off of L Street onto 10 Street.  There is a cheaper private parking garage located on the left hand side of L street just 2 blocks from the North steps.  If you arrive before 9:30a.m. the charge for the day is much lower..  In addition, there are also both private and public parking garages on the South side of the Capitol. Here is an on-line map that contains a list of the public parking garages. 
      Greyhound Bus station is four blocks from the Sacramento State Capitol, arrive walk down the street to the rally, another option.
      If you have a ride or need a ride contact Stephanie, uniondatabase@.... Ride shares are needed from all points in California today. Save money, have fun by traveling together
      Check the alerts page for updated ride and rally information. Links are there for rules about demonstrating at the Capitol
      A crowd is needed, everyone who works in a prison or has a loved one incarcerated needs to be present to stand up for themselves. The Governor and media sees crowds generated by groups only - individuals do not countThe prisoners are dying and there is only you to stand up for them, caring starts with you. Please load up your cars in this emergency
      UNION, P.O. Box 340371, Sacramento, CA. 95834, rightor1@...


      & Blessing's, Alexis
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