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  • niyas abbas
    May 29, 2014
      Why do you compare Muslims with the Jews. WHy not Buddhists ... How many NB prize winners are there among Buddhists, Sri Lankan in particular ... ZERO ... And Buddhism is 2500 years old and their population is only a few millions ... but Islam being the youngest religion and 1400 years old has 1.4 billion and increasing at rocket speed ... Christians have 300 sects and the Catholics being the higest is very much less than 1 billion. 

      How come Islam is accepted by so many in such a short time ... And the Jews are over 5000 years old and yet only just a trickle 14 million. Do you know who are in the Nobel Prize committee? They are Jews ... or the back lickers of Jews ... WHo needs such a prize.

      The best prize is the prize for the Book called Quran revealed when science was not even in its cradle. No scientist has ever been able to disprove a single scientific fact in it. a million Noble prizes cannot justify its superiority. 

      And the eventual prize of Heaven is what is significant. With all those NB prizes the Jews will enter HEll for eternity Insha Allah. And you take care ... Buddha taught you to embrace Maithriya Buddha .. He already came a 1400 years ago. So embrace him and save yourself.Or else your fate will be the same as those Yehudi NB winners. 

      I have a question ... why do you keep praising Jews and why don't you defend Buddhism ... IS it because it is consumed by Hindu paganism and it lost its root totally? 


      On Friday, 30 May 2014, 2:45, ranjit de silva <ranjitdes@...> wrote:


       It takes only a few minutes.  It  is well produced, and presented. I am told total Jew world population is around 14 million ( I am there to be corrected) of this 42% seem to live in Israel, 40% in USA and  the others  in the rest of the globe. They are sure clannish, and very suspicious of .. ....others.. and this is natural in my view taking into account how the  rest of the humanity had treated them, specially so during the Second World War ( needless to say most Arabs, deny this holocaust ever took place !!) Well.. shall we not go there ?????
      Now in my book they are a very industrious, hard working lot, and I feel per head of population they may have the largest number of Nobel Prize winners, scientists etc etc. For the 1.2 Billion followers of Islam ( a religion that had gone back to dark ages since say 15 th century???) I feel cannot hold a candle to the Jews. Hence the natural antagonism.
      If you have a few minutes do follow this fine presentation.. Cheers, RdeS
      PS: Thanks.. Nihal.....


                                F.Y.I. ONLY IF INTERESTED
             The non pilgrim's sights of Israel most people do not see.
                              What do you think of the other side?
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