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47998Bismillahnews.in : Brahman Mullah Vote Bank agents of Fascist forces are bargaining individually for gains with MODI. Their silence and indirect support to ruler of the day exposes them. Any Government its usual business for them

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  • ahmedsohail siddiqui
    May 23 2:23 AM

      Brahman Mullah Vote Bank agents of Fascist forces are bargaining individually for gains with MODI. Their silence and indirect support to ruler of the day exposes them. Any Government its usual business for them.
      [Bismillahnews.in-23-05-14-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] Shahi Ismail Bohra's, Shahi Maulana Arshad Madani,Shahi Maulana Mehmood Madani,Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari,Shahi Imam Mufti Mukarram Ahmed,Shahi Nai Dunya Shahid ji ,Shahi Newspaper Urdu Daily Sahara,Shahi Jamiat Ulema e hind,Shahi Jamaat e islami,Shahi Tauqeer Raza Khan Barelvi,Shahi Tajul Masajid,Shahi Nadvatul Ulema, Shahi Sirajuddin Qureshi, Shahi Tableeghi Jamaat, Shahi Asaduddin Owaisi ji, Shahi MIM, Shahi Milli Council,Shahi Ajmer and Nijamuddin Dargah Sharief, Shahi Mushawarat, Shahi AIMPLB,Shahi Ajmal Badruddin of AIUDF,Shahi Mufti Saeed's,Shahi Azam Khan's etc all the Shahi's have got their Shah Narendra Modi in place and are fine tuning their arrangements with the ruler of the day for next five years.
      Before the elections the vulture leader organisation of Muslims of India embedded with Anti-Muslim Brahman parties the Jamiat Ulema Hind [Uncle and Nephew] were of the opinion that if some Muslim supports the killer pogromist Narendra Modi the can do that and by such an act they do not loose the right to be part of Muslim/Islamic community [ absolute non-sense ] now all such Mullah's are saying we are not supporting MODI but the Prime Minister of India,and Muslims would be perfect to support the Prime Minister of their country.Hence we will not boycott the oath ceremony of the Prime Minister of our country.
      Akshardham accused Muslims released as a pact with state paid Mullahs that they will not oppose release of Hindu terrorist caught in terror blasts and would also support the with drawl of allegations/cases against Aseemanand , Mohan Bhagwat and Indresh Kumar.Shame on these stooges of government who barter every Muslim misery with Anti-Muslim rulers for personal gains. May Allah do Justice with them here and here after.
      These group of government agents were part of Muzaffarnagar and Assam pogroms conducted with their knowledge by Brahman Anti-Muslim UPA/NDA,only to appear after massacres to collect relief and distribute it as their personal fief. One Weekly Urdu Newspaper embedded with Modi courtesy Zafar Sareshwala and an American PR agency was honoring/partying with Urdu Editors of the Zionist tribe Dainik Jagran group[Inquilaab] and Sahara Group's Urdu Channel [Syed Faisal Ali] when a hundred thousand Muslims were being attacked under UPA/SP/BJP alliance in Muzaffarnagar western UP.Shamefully the vice president of India was the chief guest at the function and did not utter a word of condemnation of this open onslaught on Muslims of India.
      Modi Government speaks on phone with Brahman Mullah Vote bank agents
      Modi who was spitting venom against Pakistan to win Hindu votes [also as an Israeli strategy to check it on its eastern border to check its nuclear weapon in the event of Israel attacking Syria ] till last phase of polls,his government is now pleading / speaking to Owaisi's, Madani's, Ajmals,Imams of Shahi Masjids, Care takers of Ajmer Sharief and Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia etc.etc to ensure that Pakistani Prime Minister Miyan Nawaz Sharief attends his swearing in ceremony. Why when a mass killer,murderer becomes Prime Minister of any country,should be pardoned ? The Mullah agents who have been filling their bellies from state treasury from last 100 years must answer.The Muslim masses in India are more a victim of these policies of the Anti-Muslim rulers of India since Independence.
      Why Sharief is coming ?
      Modi has already declared his policy vis a vis Pakistan/Islam/Indian Muslims during the campaigning and BJP's manifesto.The bus service between Islamabad and India is a sham.The Water Dams built over Punjab rivers to block water through these rivers flow to Pakistan have not been dismantled.Modi/Manmohan have repeatedly engaged Pakistan post US forces with drawl from Afghanistan to eastern border conflicts all sponsored by GURU Israel.India has not given any evidence of infiltration by Pakistan Army to behead Indian soldiers,why?.Even the FIR at the border mentions only some people inside the border attacked the security guards at the border.The killing of "Pakistani Intruders" a dozen of them never took place as no body has been recovered ? I am not saying this in air NDTV reported it with evidence from the border.The Brahman parties propaganda against Pakistan and Islam is on dictates of Israel,US,European corporates which are openly backing MODI.
      Why is Miyan saheb dreaming ? Does his Industrialist background is seeking some sugar of electricity business in name of promoting relations between Pakistan and India? Miyan ji forget it. India is totally controlling all explosions and unrest inside Pakistan and you and your masters[Saudi's and Americans] are helpless,instead you are blaming everything on Hafiz Saeed and others.During Indira Gandhi's tenure break Pakistan was started culminating inti Bangladesh.Then western Pakistan was targeted by RAW to promote with in sectarian differences.This policy was implemented by using BJP/Sangh Sindhi leaders of India.Advani was part of it he worked for GOI as a provokator facilitator to dismantle Pakistan.When I was in K.R.Malkani I met a lot of under ground agents working for India in Pakistan doing bomb blasts.I also met alongwith Malkani sb brother of Benazir Bhutto,Mumtaz Bhutto who visited New Delhi during Vajpayee govt. and stayed at Oberoi's.The first complaint he made was enough money on time is not reaching PPP hence India interest is suffering.He pleaded for resources,at that time Benazir was alive.I divulge more at an appropriate time.But Sharief is living in fools paradise if he thinks India wants good relations with Pakistan.India under Manmohan or Modi has just one agenda for Pakistan/ Islam/ Muslims.This they are now free to pursue with the BJP government in saddle in New Delhi.The opposition Congress has put MODI in power to precisely achieve these targets and MODI has to deliver to Brahmans.
      Miyan saheb think about 20 crore Indian Muslims who look forward to you as a democratic country's leader who has certain responsibilities to the Ummah,if you too would promote Muslim annilahaters in India and embed them from Kashmir to Kanya kumari your collar would be in hands of every Muslims mother whose daughters have been raped by Modi's/Sanghs hate revenge and whose sons have been killed by Modi's/Sanghs hate revenge.Modi has a big team of government sponsored Urdu Newspapers,Urdu News Channels,Muslim organizations,Muslim Leaders.a Hyderabadi MP who facilitated Tahir ul Qadri's visit to Modi's Gujarat who thanked Modi for his state patronage in providing facilities to him during visit.These Zionist embedded agents all are working for MODI.
      Allah is also working
      When Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalaam was put in fire by King Namrood allahs help appeared and he after three days emerged alive from the fire pyre.When King Firoun chased Prophet Moses Alaihissalaam river Nile gave way to Moses [as] but gulped King Firoun whose dead body still lies in museum of Cairo for the people to learn and believe as Quran had predicted that Firoun's body would be preserved till the dooms day [ Qayamat-Pralay ].Only few decades back this dead body of Firoun was found from the waters of Egypt,intact after more than 1400 years.Kanchan Gupta present Modi think tank, a BJP aid full time was with the Indian Embassy in Egypt post resigning as OSD to Vajpayee,he must have seen the body, MODI awaits such future as the hands of the Almighty.
      We pray Almighty brings just rulers and take away the rule from killers,murders,criminals.
      One indication from the Almighty has appeared as till now Mamta Banerjee has openly refused to attend Modi PM swearing in ceremony on 26th,indications are appearing even J.Jayalalitha too would be boycotting it and indications from top BSP leadership also has come they too like the idea of boycott.Modi reached Delhi leaving Gujarat with Aaojo...leaving 80 years old mother and even his life in Gujarat, this is even a curse on him, a man who is most powerful in India does not even cares to live with his wife and old single mother...how can he care for Maa Ganga...BJP Maiyya..?
      Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
      Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in