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47524bismillahnews:1260 Fwd: Bismillahnews.in : Muzaffarnagar's Refugee Camps run over by UP Government Bulldozers

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  • ahmedsohail siddiqui
    Dec 27, 2013

      Muzaffarnagar's Refugee Camps 

      run over by UP Government 


      [Bismillahnews.in-27-12-13-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] The Muzaffarnagar camp at Sanjak Village having 50 families was on forest land and an F.I.R. was registered yesterday against it by the UP government.Today some time in the afternoon Bulldozers reached Sanjak Village where refugees from Kinoni Village approximately 300 of them were taking refuge in tarpaulin huts on open land were bulldozed and demolished.The refugees collected what ever they had and moved on to a nearby pace where some of the victims had relatives and few Muslim lanlords offered their land to them on the condition that they can pay for it when they get work during the future.

      Speaking to this correspondent activist Asad Hayat advocate from Muzaffarnagar condemned this state tyranny and questioned this act of the government by reminding the government that this camp was in the government list ? He informed us that victims residing here were from Kinoni village.

      This correspondent late night at 9 pm messaged Rajya Sabha BSP MP Ambeth Rajan informing him of the bulldozing of Refugee camps by UP government bulldozers and demanded that the BSP delegation should meet the President of India to ask dismissal of Akhilesh government and imposition of Presidents rule in Uttarpradesh.

      The news of demolition of camps by bulldozers in Muzaffarnagar has created a feeling of rage among all through out India.Already the statement by the special Home Secretary AK Gupta, stating even Siberian cold cannot kill, how can because of cold, deaths can occur in Muzaffarnagar ? The mainstream India feels let down by such insensitive statements of those running the government,even the young CM could not hide his disagreement with his governments home secretary and he openly expressed this on Television.

      Who is running the Samajwadi Party government ? with more than 100 riots and hundred thousand people migrating from 192 villages to refugee camps in worst ever Anti-Muslim riots in western UP post Independence their seems no government in UP and total control of RSS on the government.This situation demands immediate dismissal of the state government. On 15th September '13 in Lucknow I had a chance to meet the state Home Minister RPN Singh, after introducing my families association with Congress and Gandhi family I suggested him that Presidents rule should be imposed in UP.He replied to me that such a step is beyond his powers,he is to small a person but he assured me that he will pass on my suggestion to the proper authorities in Delhi.May be the time has come to put a ban on RSS too ?

      Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
      Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in

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