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47517May this Christmas prove a harbinger of a new spring-Dr.M.K.Sherwani

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  • Sherwani Mustafa
    Dec 24, 2013
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       Christmas Greetings to our Christian brothers and sisters
      May this Christmas prove a harbinger of a  new  spring,
       That  leaves behind the autumn of  prevailing  gloom;
      May it bring forth the sprouts of new hopes and zeal,
      That  overshadow  the man’s  miseries under its  bloom.

      May it  fill every heart with abundant and pious   joy,  
      That  makes the suffering and sorrow, a thing of past;
      May  its blessings  fall  on the earth in such torrents,
      That wash away  the human agonies, quick and fast.
      Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
      Lucknow, India