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47516Bismillahnews.in : Rahul Gandhi Visit to Muza ffarnagar camps an attempt to stop UNHRC team s visit - RSS behind Rahul Gandhi’s visit t o Muslim Refugee Camps

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  • ahmedsohail siddiqui
    Dec 23, 2013

      Rahul Gandhi Visit to Muzaffarnagar camps an attempt to stop UNHRC teams visit - RSS behind Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Muslim Refugee Camps

      Rahul Gandhi Visit to Muzaffarnagar camps an attempt to stop UNHRC teams visit - RSS behind Rahul Gandhi's visit to Muslim Refugee Camps
      [Bismillahnews.in-24-12-13-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] As the date of 26th December'13 is approaching will the noose on Modi would be finally tightening ? Any how let the communal "B" team of Anti-Muslim forces use Judiciary to fight their political battle's which have nothing to do with getting justice to Muslims or Muslim welfare.[  http://hillele.org/2013/12/20/ judgement-day-of-zakia-jaffri-case-december-26-2013-teesta-setalwad/  ].
      While the sudden Muzaffarnagar visit of Rahul Gandhi is part of his political campaign to again fool Muslims post Violence that his family and his party are the best bet for Muslims to seek protection from communal/fascist forces, our sources reliably inform us that the entire plan from organizing Anti-Muslim riots in Muzaffarnagar to politics of Hindutva have gone in array because of unprecedented solidarity shown for Muslim Victims by all.The RSS which is controlling all political parties in India had decided to promote Rahul Gandhi Visit to Muzaffarnagar Camps asking refugees to go back home meaning complaints against killer Jats be with drawn and "peaceful" association be restored by victims re-starting living in their village homes.
      The most important Islamic histories event 1400 years back that of shahadat of Hzt.Imam Hussain Rza and his 72 family member at the Iraq - Karbala grounds smells similarity to events post Muzaffarnagar Anti-Muslim pogrom by state and federal governments in alliance with fascist forces.Several emissaries of Yazeed had called upon Hzt.Imam Hussain Rza to save his life and his families live's by pledging loyalty to him ,but he stood his ground against the King Yazeed's tyranny and oppression,to lay down his life for the cause of Justice for the victim citizens.The Muzaffarnagar Camp Refugees Muslim men,Womem and kids refused on the face of Gandhi scion that they will not leave refugee camps and would prefer to die here rather than surrender before the fascist forces of tyranny and state oppression of ethnic cleansing.
      The will of the Victims braving cold December nights in open with 50 babies already dead and more difficulties to follow coming January as temperatures would further be dripping, the New Year certainly promises more sorrows before all of us, but a timely petition to United Nations Human Rights Councils for intervention in India affairs of severe Violation of Human Rights in Muzaffarnagar state pogrom and post pogrom with hundred thousand Muslims migrating to Refugee camps from 192 villages of Western Uttarpradesh, living under most miserable pathetic conditions and deaths of babies in these camps still continuing.After the SC orders too not improving the situation for the victim refugees in camps the hope that UNHRC might intervene has lifted the spirits of activist at the ground Zero.But to the shock of all the RSS fearing such a visit would expose the Indian state's Anti-Muslim activities, worked a last minute formula strategy to fend of International intervention on ground of Human Rights of Refugees of Muzaffarnagar.
      We however are still hopeful that UNHRC will take an appropriate action to rescue the victims of state negligence and defend their right to respectable life's.
      With Muzaffarnagar Anti-Muslim pogrom being the sole factor behind the defeat of Congress party and victory of BJP the post course it is following still after its defeat is of soft Hindutva of saffron politics which can only benefit the fascist forces not the Muslims of India.The arrangement between Brahman parties the BJP and Congress are permanent with both creating save passages for each other every decade and fooling the Nation, the globe on all policies too.
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      Nafees Ali of Lisarh [15 in the family] was denied compensation after his name was included in the govt. list but was struck down on communal Patwari Anuj Sharma's report that he does not live here from last 2 years. Despite several representations nothing moved in favour of his case as the entire communal administration is working on an Agenda ? Tehsildar Budhana, SDM Shamli,ADM Shamli,CEO Budhana, SO Phugana, Khandrawli chowki Incharge,[ Harkrishan Malik,Rajinder,Ajeet,KK Sharma and KP Sharma] are some of the communal officers who should be removed and punished for following a biased and corrupt policy of distributing compensation not on facts.
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      This is Mohammed Inaam [22] brother of Gulsher from Lisarh village whose parents Haji Nabbu [55] and Zarifa [50] lost their lives to brutal attacks by Jats of the Lisarh village on 7th September'13.Both Haji Nabbu and Zarifa fled village Lisarh for Kandhla via Meemla forest which is a dense forest, but both were chased and cut to death in the forest.Next day the dead body of Zarifa and another Muslim resident of Lisarh "Sukkan" surfaced on the waters of eastern Yeman Nahar  which were sent for postmortem. Inaam today is in total shatters with a copy an F.I.R.[253/13-page no: book no: 0212645] dated 19-9-13 and a postmortem report of her mother Zarifa's dead body dated 09-09-13 from District Hospital Bagpat by Dr.Harish Kumar, name of CP 248 Charan Singh and HC 539 Rehtagu [unable to read hindi writing on postmortem] from police station Baraut are mentioned as persons who brought the dead body .
      The F.I.R mentions names of 61 persons who were responsible for murders,attack, looting and burning of village Lisarh and his house in Lisarh on 7th September'13.Both sons of Victims Haji Nabbu/Zarifa and Sukkan are live witnesses to murders in Meemla forest and mayhem in Lisarh village.Thirteen Muslims have been reported missing from Lisarh village only three dead bodies have been recovered, the Kandhla Chowki Incharge K.K.Sharma slapped an Ansari boy in a Bus post the F.I.R. warning hIm that more Muslims should be killed such is the state of police in "helping" trace the murders.
      While Sukkan family of gulabh has been given 5 lakh compensation, Inaam and Gulsher's family of Haji Nabbu/Zarifa have been denied as police despite F.I.R. and Postmortem report denies their claim.The poor boys Inaam and Gulsher went back to their hmes in Lisarh only to stopped by neighbours jats,warning them they be allowed only when they with draw cases by signing affidavits.
      Both Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav want Muslims to go back to their homes under these circumstances.Are the victims not correct in showing these leaders a thump and refuse to leave Muslim camps. http://ibnlive.in.com/news/congress-holds-consultations-with-minorities-on-partys-manifesto/441219-3.html
      On the other side the Jats are being pampered by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi by standing with them by pushing their demand to be included in federal reservation ? The Jats of Lisar threatened openly to Inaam and his family when he tried to return to his house and sent him back till he withdraws cases via affidavits. The same is being done on behalf of Jats by UP Home-Minister Shivpal Yadav ,the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and the state federal Home -Minister RPN Singh, they all are softly threatening Muslim Victims to leave camps by signing affidavits to with draw cases.
      Rahul minorities 2014 manifesto - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTnKILKxyew
      Rahul Gandhi says no one should feel insecure in Secular India ? Does he really himself is free of fear of fascist forces responsible for Sanjay Gandhi,Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi's death ? As he himself has on many occasions expressed his apprehensions that he too would be killed by them one day.With the kind of power and resources at his disposal he has not been able to do justice with real fascist killers of his Grandmother,Uncle and Father,How can he expect Muslims to believe in his appeal to return back to their homes? Mr.Gandhi out of real fear for your life and life's of Sonia Gandhi,Priyanka etc your tribe has surrendered this country in the hands of fascists forces after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.You live to rule India from 1991 till today only at the mercy of these Fascist forces.
      Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi faces protests during his visit to Samli on Sunday.
      You cannot fight Secular fight for Muslims as you have embedded right wing communal forces,the latest proof being you claim you visited a Jat relief camp where Victims of Muslim atrocities are refugees from last almost 4 months ? Modi brings in "Muslim Burka" women and Topi Maulana's to public BJP rallies? Are you not intelligent enough to understand the reality of such Jat Refugee camps ? Any how we Muslims are absolutely clear neither you nor any parliamentary party has any intention of Muslim welfare in India or in the rest of the world.Rather by doing such gimmicks all of you seek is our support and misguide us. 
      But enough is enough stay away we are henceforth warning all , our curse won't go unanswered by ASWT. Our Religion Islam teaches us to love all and foremost love your country,may be time has come to follow every religions teaching " to bear injustice is bigger injustice ".
      It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:
      I just signed the petition "High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations Office: Muzaffarnagar Refugee Help them and and Protect Human Rights" on Change.org.
      Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
      Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in