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47505Fw: Bismillahnews.in : 2014 Lok Sabha elections to decide will India be Partitioned again like 1947 ? Laloo Prasad Yadav

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  • ahmedsohail siddiqui
    Dec 18, 2013
      2014 Lok Sabha elections to
      decide will India be Partitioned
      again like 1947 ? Laloo
      Prasad Yadav
      [Bismillahnews.in-18-12-13-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] Laloo Yadav out on Bail in fodder scam at a press-conference suggests second Partition of India or India will remain one would be decided in 2014 Lok Sabha polls ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUr5f3YI7d8#t=377 Interesting views in an interview to NDTV where he calls Muzaffarnagar riots a targeted conspiracy and promises a visit to meet victims in the camps.He call communal forces family of Kans and declares to kill them all over India.Giving the example of Lord krishna he declares his fight against his opponents.He further declares Nitish kumar a no factor and Aam Admi Party a cheater party thughing poor people of Delhi by false promises like no bill for electricity and permanent houses in place of jughies
      He expressed his total faith in Indian Judiciary and termed his arrest a conspiracy by communal forces also blaming Nitish kumar in getting case registered against him.He and his party supported the Lokpal bill in the parliament.Though looking quite healthy he did wore a tiring look on his face and in his voice but his sense of humour and presence of mind looked improved.One was wondering why he kept quite on the Patna Blast at Gandhi Maidaan Modi Hunkaar Rally , when he should have been questioning Nitish and UPA government, why accused BJP workers Hindu youths caught initially were let off and the gun with in two hours of the blast started firing the same old target in the name of Muslims ?
      Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
      Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in