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47498Bismillahnews.in : Supreme Court and Muslim refugees of Muzaffarnagar,Meerut,Shamli,Bagpat target of Conspired Anti-Muslim policy in operation ?

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  • ahmedsohail siddiqui
    Dec 14, 2013

      Supreme Court and Muslim refugees of Muzaffarnagar,Meerut,Shamli, Bagpat target of Conspired Anti-Muslim policy in operation ?
      [Bismillahnews.in-14-12-13-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] Its been more than 48 hours the highest court of law in India the Supreme Court of India delivered a stern warning and notice to the government of Uttarpradesh and federal government regarding the negligence in implementation of welfare [ Protection from cold ] of the victims in refugee camps in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli in the aftermath of killing,looting,burning and rapes of Muslims in the villages of western UP by the Jaat community on 7th and 8th September,resulting in migration of Muslims from 172 villages to safer location among Muslims in camps established by Muslim community to accommodate a hundred thousand refugees.The state government since then has shrugged from its responsibility to provide this service to it citizens a basic duty,stating that it does not have resources to carry out such a large emergency operation.
      On ground there has been no action on the supreme court orders except that the camp organizers of these refugee camps numbering more than 25 waited the whole day yesterday for UP government's child commissioner to visit the camps for collecting the facts about the deaths of the children due to cold,to be submitted to the SC on next hearing i.e. 21st January'13. Even as this part order was been carried partly by the UP government another child died in Malakpur Camp yesterday because of cold.The Milk stopped by the UP government to these camps has also not been restored even after the SC orders,neither have been there any steps by UP administration to provide relief to refugees of these camps from cold and provide other basic's like milk for babies,medicines,warm cloths,fire woods in camps,ration etc.
      SC orders are being taken lightly ?
      Is SC afraid of punishing UP state and federal governments violating its orders ? The contempt of SC orders was already exercised when day before yesterday it took to hearing the matter,but why did it exercise such a cool approach even when it admitted that it is in its knowledge that its orders for welfare of the victim refugees in these camps are not being implemented by the governments? The SC had specifically mentioned the deaths of babies due to cold in the camps as a case of negligence by the Administration.There was every valid ground for the supreme court to at least dismiss the the present administration of Districts of Muzaffarnagar,Shamli,Bagpat and meerut for non-implementation of court orders when even the UP governments counsel Rajiv Dhavan himself was admitting negligence of his client [Nodal officers].
      Despite SC being fair the Fascist forces as strategy and policy never lets the orders of SC be implemented if they go against their interest.This we had seen how Narsimha Rao government's trust in SC was put to dust when the fascist forces violated the Apex court and all courts to carry on with its plan to demolish the Babri Masjid on 6th December, as a result 4 governments of BJP were dismissed.
      The fascists in last 2 decades since then have sabotaged every tool of the judiciary in India to make it ineffective and that is what is happening in this case also. The SC constituted SIT in Gujarat Godhra pogrom to punish the culprits only ended giving clean chit to Narendra Modi and others.
      UP Government and its officers are communal in its administration
      Take the case of announcement of 5 lakhs to 1800 victims totaling 90 crores.The drama to call petty relief communal and appeasement of Muslims was targeted to a design which was achieved and even in this petty relief a clause was added that this relief is for all not only for Muslims.Then if this was for all why were all the Western Uttar pradesh districts not included when effected people migrated from 172 villages of Western UP.
      The News report published in today's The Hindu is an attempt to cover up as it has tried to protect the communal administration,where the officer quoted have twisted the truth as they are even openly asking for cut to clear meager 5 lakh compensation to helpless victims.These very officers are also part of the land mafia eyeing on Muslim properties in Lisar etc. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/panel-to-look-into-reports-of-childrens-deaths-at-muzaffarnagar-relief-camps/article5456824.ece?homepage=true .While the Hindu report has tried to clear the allegations on the officers it has also shited the focus of the supreme court orders only to ascertain truth/cause of deaths of children in camps,while the order to do everything so that this does not reoccurs has not been discussed.Nothing is being to follow the orders of SC to provide all relief to the camps.
      Distribution of Compensation among victims a Scam
      Secondly why I call this [ 90 crores ]  a petty relief because damage in only one village of Lisarh is more than 90 crores.Here is the calculation,5000 Muslims migrated from Lisarh and found refuge in Kandhla Eidgah camp. Later on 4500 of them moved out to personal rented accommodations in kandhla. 425 families had applied for compensation and 271Muslim Lisahians were given 5 lakh each compensation. Meaning 13.5 crores were distributed among the Muslim Victims from Lisar village.Now look at the losses,700 buffaloes @ 70,000 each,total comes to 4.9 crores. [2] 50 bikes @ 50,000 each,total comes to 25 lakhs. [3] 250 goats @ 5000 each,total comes to 12.5 lakhs. 13 Muslims were killed to death only three bodies have been recovered,600 hundred named and 700 unnamed F.IR.'s of looting,burning of houses and attack on properties are pending with the Lisar police stations.The damages as per an estimated in these F.I.R.'s if calculated at the rate of 5 lakh per F.I.R. for 500 houses comes to 25 crores.
      Now lets move on to the losses of graveyard land of 70 bigas of Qabrastan , one Eidgah, 2Madrasas,one Dhobighaat of 12 bigas and real state value of 500 houses with their land building [ Estimate 300 crores ]. If Muslims as per affidavit clause of the government have no right now to use their properties despite retaining ownership rights in Lisarh Village,after they [271] have received 5Lakh each [ Total 13.5 crore ] as compensation amount from UP state government.
      So only in one village Lisarh Muslims have lost around Approx.350 crores and UP government has given a compensation of 13.5 crores against this loss to Muslims AND provided 90 crores for total losses in western UP. 
      Now if we calculate the losses in 172 Villages from where even to this date around 40,000 refugees are in more than 25 camps in and around districts of Muzaffarnagar ,Shamli and another 60,000 are with relative or on rented places in these districts with few leaving to other cities in search of work.
      Below is an incomplete list of number of camps still operating in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts with approx number of refugees sheltering there.This list was prepared by me on 9-12-13 on my visit to Muzaffarnagar Refugee camps.1.Kandla Camp[500]  2.Malakpur[7500] 3.Khurgaan [2000] 4.Sunethi [3]-camps-1500]] 5.Barnawi [2] camps - 2500] 6.Rotan[250] 7.Mansura[3][2000] 8.Tisang[200] 7.Jola[3500] 8.Jogia khera[800] 9.Loi[4000] 10.Sarai 11.Kalyanpur [1300] 12.Shahpur[2500] 13.Basi[1500] 14.Tavli [1200] 15.Asara [5000] 16.Noni.[2000] 17.Harra khiwai [150] 18.Kairana[2000] 19, Daberi khurd[350] 20Ambetha[800] 21.Garhi daulat [500] 22.Khandrauli[300] .
      Victims at these camps and organizers must unite against this conspiracy and must make big demonstrations in Delhi and expose this conspiracy and discrimination by the governments,then only we will be be able to help the supreme court in getting the orders implemented and get justice.This government at all cost must be exposed for it communal administration and conspiratorial negligence there responsible for death of babies,aged and women.This government and its officers of Western Uttarpradesh are targeting Muslim citizens in a conspiracy via violence and now via government shutdown for them in relief matters.[ Inshallah ]
      [ To be continued...part 5 ] 
      Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
      Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in