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The Curiously Funded Jihad of Alan Dershowitz

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  • Bob
    The following are all links to Brian Quig s files containing the word Dershowitz , archived after Brian s death at a website the name of which he never heard.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2004
      The following are all links to Brian Quig's files containing the word "Dershowitz",
      archived after Brian's death at a website the name of which he never heard. All files
      there are furnished for informational purposes only, since post-humous peer review
      would seem to be an oxymoron, and critical review in poor taste for a few more years.
      All errors of commission and omission are hopefully intact, as they ought to be for
      Vlad the Impaler's diary, which by the way is eligible for critical review by these
      standards, if you're hungry. Webeffing lawyers charging clients to read here are making
      use of the informational services for commercial purposes, rather than non-profit
      educational purposes, and are accordingly encouraged to donate a share of the loot via
      the handy paypal button, at a suggested rate of ten percent of what you charge your client
      to read here(shield their eyes by proxying any material you deem injurious, of course).
      -the benificent impoverished memorial archivist formerly known as Bob


      "rifle.html" is not here, Brian referred to it in context of The Temple Murders
      when speaking of Dershowitz, see http://www.sitbot.net/htm/736.html

      Bob wrote:
      "Peter Baukin, the court appointed attorney who represented Jonathan for
      the temple murders trial is by far the highest paid court appointed attorney
      in the history of MARICOPA COUNTY. A typical murder defence fee is
      $30,000. A hand full of attorneys have gotten a little over $100,000. Baukin's
      renumeration climbed well over $300,000. Why didn't Baukin put Mrs. Doody
      on the stand? Baukin now serves as the Arizona bar certified attorney who is
      serving HARVARD LAW SCHOOL professor Allen Dershowitz and his brother
      Nathan, who are handling the Doody appeal. The Dershowitz brothers are being

      paid $700,000 by some unknown third party." [gangland execution-style slaying
      note referenced "1083 pounds", presumably of misappropriated heroin]

      Sheriff's Sgt. Russ Kimball, the coordinator of the multi-agency Temple
      Murders Task Force, reveals the massive improprieties of the investigation
      of Arizona's worst mass murder. Why Doody's attorneys failed to use this
      in Doody's defense is a question screaming to be answered. In a blind impotent
      rage those trying to stop these articles poured 20 gallons of gasoline on my car
      days after the last in the series BODIES OF TEMPLE MURDERS VICTIMS
      MOVED!! http://decentria.com/car.jpg http://decentria.com/bodies.html
      In order to understand the political, economic and criminal landscape of Arizona,
      it is necessary to first read the book written by one of the reporters of the Investigative
      Reporters and Editors team that came to Phoenix to investigate the car bombing of
      Arizona Republic reporter, Don Bolles. http://decentria.com/ap-index.html
      Material evidence recently uncovered reveals that the murder of the 9 Buddhists was
      only the first part of what the Thais are calling "the most heinous crime in 2,500 years
      of Buddhism." Like the assassinations of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and
      Martin Luther King, the cover up for the real murderers and frame up of innocent people
      constitutes the more unconscienable part of the crime. The GRAPEVINE has material
      evidence showing that the dead bodies were moved shortly after discovery from the
      positions in which they originally lay. Evidence suggests that a higher authority ordered
      Sheriff's homicide detectives to disguise the nature of the crime. "If the crime was found
      to be a mere robbery than it would be tried under state laws. If it was found to involve
      drugs, or a hate crime, or national or international involvement then the investigation and
      trial would be moved to a Federal Government level."

      The first forensic reports indicated the time of death to be between 2 an 4 am. During the
      trial the prosecution argued that the murders occurred before midnight. The prosecutor, K.C.
      Skull, suggested at the trial that the time of death is only truly accurately pinned down in the
      movies. The MARICOPA WATER DISTRICT provided the GRAPEVINE with the irrigation
      schedule for the five acre parcel of the Wat Promkunaram Temple for the date of the murders.
      The Temple received their irrigation water at 7:00 a.m., August l0, l99I. The twenty acre parcel
      east of the Temple receives water simultaneously with the Temple. Since the Temple has only
      1/4 the acreage of east property, the monks were required to open their water gates after 7:00
      a.m. and to close their water gates after two hours. The 7:00AM water turn on time was confirmed
      by Greg Lee, of LEE TREE FARMS, who manages the irrigation for the area where the temple is
      located. Lee explained in detail how the system worked. It would take at least 40 minutes for the
      water to reach the gate of the temple after the main system for the area was opened.

      This evidence proves that the murders happened after 7:00AM on Aug. 10, 1991. The monks were
      alive when they opened their gates. They were killed some time before 10:00AM. The grounds and
      the dirt parking lot were flooded when Mrs. Borders arrived. The evidence in the case indicates
      that there were heavy muddy foot prints inside and outside the temple and detectives took impressions
      of large tire tracks in the parking lot that could only have been created after the parking lot was flooded.

      For the prosecutor's own reasons they did not want a ballistics test done.

      Peter Baukin, the court appointed attorney who represented Jonathan for the temple murders trial is by far
      the highest paid court appointed attorney in the history of MARICOPA COUNTY. A typical murder
      defence fee is $30,000. A hand full of attorneys have gotten a little over $100,000. Baukin's renumeration
      climbed well over $300,000. Why didn't Baukin put Mrs. Doody on the stand? Baukin now serves as the
      Arizona bar certified attorney who is serving HARVARD LAW SCHOOL professor Allen Dershowitz and
      his brother Nathan, who are handling the Doody appeal. The Dershowitz brothers are being paid $700,000
      by some unknown third party.

      Vigilius Haufniensis wrote:

      The Harvard Law Professor Who Sat On An Israeli Assassination Target Review Panel

      The Jihad of Alan Dershowitz

      Law Professor,
      Washburn University School of Law

      If to dispute well is law's chiefest end, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has honed this ability to a stunning craft. In high-profile cases, such as O. J. Simpson, Doctor Dershowitz, a seasoned criminal law jurist, serves as a media-savvy lawyer determined to defend "the guilty." Less well known, however, is that this advocacy Mephistopheles thrives on inventing unpopular, counter-intuitive, and even unjust exceptions to international law--a subject he normally does not teach. These exceptions--mutually folded in each other's orb---allow the torturing of terrorists, the assassinations of their leaders, and the demolition of their family homes. What is most intriguing is the contempt that Dershowitz has for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and its current President (the Chinese judge) whom he calls a thug, discarding the language of professional courtesy.

      Somewhat intrigued by his incendiary views daringly, and sometimes crudely, expressed in books and newspaper columns, I requested to interview Dershowitz, an interview he granted promptly and generously. We both taped the interview, I for no other reason but to save as a souvenir. I came out of the interview with the clear impression that--setting aside the civil liberties concerns that inform his criminal defense rhetoric--Dershowitz concocts these exceptions not merely to embellish his ivory tower but to proactively defend, and sometimes shape, Israeli policies in occupied Palestine.

      For example, Dershowitz's contempt for the ICJ has deepened ever since the Court decided to rule on the legality of Israel's separation wall. Comparing the ICJ to a Mississippi court in the 1930s, Dershowitz contends that the ICJ is a credible court for the rest of the world but not for Israel, just as the Mississippi court was a just tribunal for whites but not for blacks. This argument, in its analogical enormity, paints the ICJ as an exceptionally anti-Israel body. Furthermore, Dershowitz challenges the neutrality of ICJ judges, arguing that they are shameless mouthpieces of their governments. When asked to comment on whether he holds the same view about British and American judges on the Court, Dershowitz stepped back to distinguish between the Court and its judges, now saying that the ICJ is bigoted but many of its judges are not. This distinction made no sense to me, since all judges on the Court, except one, held the separation wall to be illegal.

      Dershowitz's exceptional defense of Israel is not confined to academic criticisms of the ICJ (or the International Red Cross or the United Nations). In the interview, Dershowitz, who opposes the death penalty, revealed that he had sat on the Israeli assassination committee that reviews evidence before terrorists are targeted and killed. This "due process" hearing is designed to reduce the raw charge that state-sponsored assassinations are blatantly unlawful.  Dershowitz favors targeted assassination of terrorist leaders "involved in planning or approving on-going murderous activities." Under this protean standard, it is unclear whether spiritual and political leaders who favor terrorist violence but do not materially participate in specific terrorist acts may also be assassinated. These niceties aside, the idea of a Harvard law professor sitting on an occupying state's assassination committee would be, to many in the legal academy, a trifle perplexing.

      What rattles his many critics the most, however, is the innovative exception Dershowitz draws for the Convention against Torture (1987). The Convention prohibits all forms of torture and provides for no exception. In fact, the prohibition against torture has attained the status of jus cogens--the peremptory norms of international law that cannot be abandoned or altered. Dershowitz confesses to know all this. Yet he makes an empirical argument to carve out an exception. Since torture cannot be eliminated in the real world, he argues: "Ay, think so still, 'til experience change thy mind." Dershowitz proposes that the legal system regulate torture by requiring state officials to obtain a judicial warrant before torturing.  Despite Dershowitz's connections and influence, Israel refused to launch the proposed torture warrant, although it embraced the idea of exception to the Convention it had signed. However, when more than 90 percent of the Palestinian security detainees began to be tortured, the Israeli Supreme Court put an end to the fledgling exception.

      Undeterred by such judicial rebuffs, Dershowitz continues to manufacture legal exceptions to shore up the universally condemned Israeli practices, such as bulldozing the family homes of terror suspects. Calling it property damage, he apparently dismisses the sanctity, the intimacy, and the memories attached to a family home, anybody's family home. As if demolition of family homes is a minor punishment, Dershowitz is willing to pull down even the entire "villages of suicide bombers." He thinks perhaps that it takes a village to raise a suicide bomber. It does. When her entire village has been grabbed by the neck and choked, some kid (a "terrorist") is surely going to be mad as hell.

      Despite his legalistic jihad for Israel's security and despite his employment of the Harvard Law School stature to propose questionable exceptions to international law, Dershowitz does not completely throw away the sense of limits. For example, he opposes Nathan Lewin, a prominent Washington lawyer and a federal judge hopeful, who blatantly argues, contrary to popular feelings of the Jewish community, that family members of suicide bombers be executed.

      By no means is Dershowitz an incorrigible ideologue nor is he morally sightless. His reading of international law is most certainly flawed and he needs "to settle in his studies." His intellectual honesty is nonetheless beyond doubt. He is what he thinks. He does not duck hard questions. And he does all this with an inexhaustible capacity to swallow contradictions. At the end of the play, however, when all arguments have been made, when all exceptions have been put to rest, and when the nation that launched a thousand missiles has been defended, Dershowitz relaxes his grip with a disarming sense of humor expressed through borrowed jokes. In his book Why Terrorism Works (2002), for example, he tells readers how he, as a boy, pondered over difficult hypothetical scenarios such as this: "If you were up to your neck in a vat of cat vomit and somebody threw a pile of dog poop on your face, would you duck?" 

      One may relish Dershowtiz's for his wits, but only to wonder at the unlawful things he permits.

      Ali Khan is a professor at Washburn University School of Law in Kansas. His book A Theory of International Terrorism will be published in 2005. He can be reached at: ali.khan@...

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