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  • Vigilius Haufniensis
    Oil was not important in 1805 and the levant was not much more than a wasteland of brigands ruled by satraps in Turkey. How does a cold, calculating
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004
      Oil was not important in 1805 and the levant was not much more than a
      wasteland of brigands ruled by satraps in Turkey. How does a cold,
      calculating rationalist let religion drive his energy and creativity
      in a very arbitrary and spiritual endeavor if not for some very occult
      VMANN:  for what its worth:
      Men Among the Ruins is Evola's frontal assault on the predominant materialism of our time and the mirage of progress. For Evola and other proponents of Traditionalism, we are now living in an age of increasing strife and chaos: the Kali Yuga of the Hindus or the Germanic Ragnarok. In such a time, social decadence is so widespread that it appears as a natural component of all political institutions. Evola argues that the crises that dominate the daily lives of our societies are part of a secret occult war to remove the support of spiritual and traditional values in order to turn man into a passive instrument of the powerful.
      CHAPTER 13 is about occult war:
      "The concent of occult war must be defined within the context of the dilemma.  The occult war is a battle that is waged inperceptibly by the forces of global subversion, with means and in circumstances ignored by current historiography.  The notion of occult war belongs to a three-dimensional view of history: this view does not regard as essential the two superficial dimensions of time and space (wich include causes, facts, and visible leaders) but rather emphasises the dimension of depth, or the 'subterranean' dimension in which forces and influences often act in a decisive manner, and which, more often than not, cannot be reduced to what is merely human, whether an an individual or a collective level."
      "For practical purposes, too, it is very important to recognize the instruments of the occult war, namely the means emplyed by the secret forces of global subversion to conceal their action, prevent their opponents' action, and continue to exercise their influence.  I will now say something in this regard, drawing inspiration from some of the points develiped by Rene Guenon, who was one of the most perceptive people in referemce to the secret backgrounds of many upheavals of modern times.
      Let us begin with the tool of scientific suggestion.  I believe the "scientific" moethod of considering events and history is more the consequence of a suggestion spread in modern culture by antitraditraditional forces in order to conceal their action than the natural orientation of a shortsighted mentality.  Those who believe that history is made only by the men on the stage and determined by the most evident economic, social, political, and cultural factors do not see and do not seek any other explanation; and yet this is exactly what every force operating in secret desires."
      "I have already mentioned some nonpositivist views of the course of events that introduce various entities, such as the 'absolute Spirit,' or the elan vital, or 'History.'  In this we can see an example of the possible application of a second instrument of the occult war, the tactic of replacement.  This tactic is employed every time there is the danger of an awakening on the part of 'history's objects,' or when some ideas that facilitate the occult game of the forces of global subversion have lost their power of suggestion.  In the above-mentioned case, such confused philosophical views act as a sort of bait for those who are unsatisfied with positivist views, so that their eyes may not look in the direction where they should.  Due to the vagueness of these notions, the field is not any less concealed than by positivist blindness.  People will play around with 'philosophical ideas' while the plan continues to unfold."
      "Often the tactic of replacement develops efficaciously in the form of a tactic of counterfeits.  It may happen that after the effects of the destructive work reach the material plane, they become so visible as to provoke a reaction, and thus ideas and symbols are employed for a defense and a reconstruction...  Then the occult war is not waged in a direct manner; often attention is paid to promoting only distortions and counterfeits of these ideas.  In this way, the reaction is contained, deviated, or even led in the opposite direction."
      "Fourth, we must point out the tactic of inversion.  Let us take a typical example.  The secret forces of global subversion knew exactly that the basis of the order to be destroyed consisted in the supernatural element, -that is, in the spirit - conceived not as a philosophical abstraction or as an element of faith, but as a superiour reality, as a reference point for the integration of everything that is human.  After limiting the influence that could be exercised in this regard by Christianity, through the spread of materialism and scientism, the forces of global subversion have endeavored to conveniently divert any tendancy toward the supernatural arsising outside the dominant religioun and the limitation of its dogmas.  So-called 'neo-spiritualism,' not only iin its more deleterious spiritualist forms, but also in its pseudo Eastern and occulstist forms (not to mention the theories concerneing the unconscious, the irrational, and so on), is greatly influenced by the tactic of inversion.  Instead of rising toward what is beyond the person as a really supernatural element, here we remain in the subpersonal and in the infrarational, according to an inversion that quite often has sinister characteristics." 
      "Another method is the tactic of ricochet.  This occurs when the traditional forces being targeted take the initiative through an action against other traditional forces, an action that eventually ricochets back at its promoters." 
      "Let us now discuss the tactic of dilution, which constitutes a particular aspect of the 'tactic of surrogates.'  The main example that I will now introduce must be prefaced with the following:  the process that has led to the current crises has remote origins and has developed in several phases.  In each of these phases the crisis was already present, though in a latent or petential form.  The theory of 'progress' may be regarded as one of the suggestions spread by the secret forces of world subersion so that attention would be diverted from the origins and the process of dissolution could proceed, carried forth by the illusion of the triumphs of technological-industrial civilization." 
      "Another tactic is the deliberate misidentification of a principle with its representatives.  In many regards, the decay of traditional institutions began with the corruption of their worldly representatives.  The effective dissolution and destruction has been made possible by the confusion between principles and people; this is another weaon of the occult war.  When the representatives of a given principle prove to be unworthy of it, the criticism of them extends immediately to the principle itself and is espeically directed against it."
      "Finally, I wish to mention one more instrument of the secret war, though it refers to a very particular domain:  the tacitc of the replacing infiltrations.  It is when a certain spiritual or traditional organization falls into such a state of degeneration that its representatives knew very little of its true, inner foundation, or the basis of its authority and prestige.  The life of such an organization may then be compared to the automatic state of a sleepwalker, or the living body deprived of its soul.  In a sense a spiritual 'void' had been created that can be filled, through infiltrations, by other subversive forces,  these forces, while leaving the appearances unchanged, use the organization for totally different purposes, which at times may even be the opposite of those that were originally its own.  We should also not rule out the case where such infiltrated elements work for the destruction of the organization that they now control - for example, by creating new scandals, liable to give rise to serious repercussions."
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