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Lincoln Chafee, Frank Caprio, and Myself

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  • Scott Bill Hirst
    Hi!  Lincoln Chafee is our new Rhode Island Governor elected on November 2ND,. In a Letter to the Editor in today s Providence Journal www.projo.com it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2010
       Lincoln Chafee is our new Rhode Island Governor elected on November 2ND,. In a "Letter to the Editor" in today's Providence Journal www.projo.com it notes he is a descendant of Henry Lippitt, R.I. Governor and his great great grandfather. BTW  Chafee like his ancestor did not receive a majority of the vote cast in his election to governor. Lippitt was elected by the R.I. General Assembly. Now a plurality determines who the winner for Governor is.
       Governor Lippitt's son Charles Warren Lippitt was also Governor. Chafee's father was also Governor the late John Hubbard Chafee.
       Caprio loss is arguably is easily the worse defeat ever for a Democratic candidate for Governor in a general election. In Lippitt's election races Democrat placed third in 1875 and the following election second and third. Caprio's loss is arguably the most damaging historically for a Democrat in Rhode Island history, as the Republicans were the dominant party from the 1850's until the early 1930's,.
       I myself won a town council seat in Hopkinton, Rhode Island by two votes.  To check  some press accounts go to The Providence Journal www.projo.com, The Chariho Times www.charihotimes.com and The Westerly Sun www.thewesterlysun.com ,.
       To check results go to http://www.elections.state.ri.us/ ,.
       In closing clearly an error, the word was used in a Providence Journal article saying a candidate was progressive clearly that would be prohibition a big issue in those days. The fact was attributable to a R.I. Secretary of State's spokesman.
      Scott Bill Hirst
      Scott Bill Hirst
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      Ashaway,RI 02804-1300 USA
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