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  • Lawrence Kestenbaum
    In case y all hadn t noticed, I have just done a new version of The Political Graveyard. - The new version has 211,030 people listed, compared to about 198,000
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2010
      In case y'all hadn't noticed, I have just done a new version of The
      Political Graveyard.

      - The new version has 211,030 people listed, compared to about 198,000
      in the previous version. So we've blown past the 200,000 milestone.

      - I've dropped "race" categories like black, Asian, Indian,and
      Hispanic, and folded them into the ancestry section (e.g., African
      ancestry, Hispanic ancestry, whatever). Some ancestry groups have
      been merged, e.g., Czech with Slovak, Austrian with Hungarian, Dutch
      with Belgian, Russian with Ukrainian, but each individual still has
      the same detail as before.

      - I have added a few more occupation/industry and organizational
      affiliation categories, and reorganized the way they are presented on
      the home page.

      - The number of politicos in trouble has been increased from 676 to
      753. As in the last version, they are listed in four different ways:
      by offense, by state, by decade, and alphabetically.

      - The membership of political families has increased from about 3,400 to 3,710.

      - Date pages are now provided up to December 31, 2020, which may be
      useful for finding birthdays or major birth/death anniversaries in
      advance. You may not realize it, but Hubert Humphrey's centenary is
      May 27, 2011, and Gerald Ford's is July 14, 2013. Traditionally, this
      is when biographies come out, or failing that, any excuse for a party,

      - There are many more links to Wikipedia, Find-A-Grave, Judgepedia,
      the Internet Movie Database, etc.

      - Biographical entries now include personal mottoes, campaign slogans,
      and gravestone epitaphs. Not many yet, but there will be more.

      - All delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention are now
      included (many thanks to Scott Bill Hirst). Also recently added are
      complete delegate lists for the 1912 Democratic and Republican
      conventions, the 1972 Republican convention, and the 1996 Democratic

      - Coverage of the 1912 Democratic convention includes complete rosters
      of convention officers, committees, and speakers. The speakers' page
      in particular could use some better organization. Let me know what
      you think: http://politicalgraveyard.com/parties/D/1912/index.html

      Note: I am planning a research trip to Pennsylvania in mid-July. And
      I have been invited to give a lunchtime presentation about The
      Political Graveyard at the state library in Harrisburg.


      Lawrence Kestenbaum, kestenbaum@...
      The Political Graveyard, http://politicalgraveyard.com
      P.O. Box 2563, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
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