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Re: [political-graveyard] Gerald Ford

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  • Patricia Cavin
    Edda R. Pittman wrote: Please understand that upon recovering from a political catastrophe most are of the mindset
    Message 1 of 15 , Dec 30, 2006
      "Edda R. Pittman" <EddaRPittman@...> wrote: Please understand that upon recovering from a "political catastrophe" most
      are of the mindset that "it will never happen again".

      That's my take on why nobody has offered an amendment as you suggest.

      Of course, those of us at the grassroots level are of a very different
      opinion. Mine has always been that if it happened once, it's certain to
      happen again.

      And it has happened in organizations to which I belong.

      And if no one dares suggestion the abolition of the Electoral College AND
      the direct election of the President and Vice President......... Something
      definitely needed?

      BTW, most are not aware that once upon a time the Pres & VP did not run as
      a team. As I understand it, the Vice President was the "runner up".

      My concern is that most voluntary organizations look to the structure of
      the federal government as models and there are consequences.......

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      Re: Re: [political-graveyard] Gerald Ford

      Joe Galu <joegalu@...> wrote: J.,
      I do not attempt to read minds. I don't know why Ford pardoned Nixon. I
      just know that the power was given to the president to correct judicial
      errors. It was not to provide cover for people who had not been charged or
      My only criticism is that neither party has been willing to offer a
      serious attempt to amend the constitution to spell out the limits on the
      power of a pardon.
      Whether the Congress or the nation was fixated on Nixon and the many
      things that were done to coverup Watergate are the responsibility of the
      wrong-doers, not the Congress or the nation. If nothing wrong had been
      done, there would have been no fixation.
      Abusing the power of pardon had the effect of covering up for Nixon, so
      the system was never able to work.
      The constitution needs to be respected and clarified without partisan
      justifications after the fact. Lowell Weicker plays no role in my thinking.

      I don't think I missed the point.
      Joe Galu


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