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Re: bioguide.congress.gov updates

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  • D.J. Jones
    Lawrence Kestenbaum wrote: =snip History of Bio Guide= ... impervious the ... members to ... started the ... so full ... previous ... I myself have a
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 12, 2000
      Lawrence Kestenbaum wrote:

      =snip History of Bio Guide=

      > Over the years, many people have complained to me about how
      impervious the
      > Congressional biographies have been to any attempts by family
      members to
      > correct even egregious errors. I heard of this even before I
      started the
      > web site. Others asserted that the congressional biographies were
      so full
      > of errors as to be useless. I have encountered some of these errors
      > myself, although I did notice that the 1989 edition (compared to
      > editions I have used) fixed a lot of them.

      I myself have a mimeographed copy of the '96 one, which I used for
      awhile until I got online (which apparently, in some instances, has
      information that was more up-to-date than the current online edition).

      > The office of the Senate historian is in charge of the biographies
      > Senators (including those who served in the House); the office of
      > House historian is in charge of the much larger number of
      biographies of
      > Representatives. About a year ago, the Senate history folks started
      > contacting me about correcting and updating various entries, finding
      > burial locations, etc., and we have shared information. Now, just
      a few
      > weeks ago, I have started to have a similar correspondence with one
      of the
      > people who does similar work for the House.
      > So far, he doesn't seem very interested in correcting old errors,
      as much
      > as keeping up with deaths and burials, but today I received the
      > which contains some new information (I have interspersed my own
      > and questions):
      > > Subject: Further updates on U.S. Representatives
      > >
      > > Mr. Kestenbaum:
      > >
      > > We've submitted a number of updates this week:
      > > * Marion Tinsley Bennett (MO) died 09/06/2000 in Alexandria, VA;
      > > internment in Hazelwood Cemetery in Springfield, MO.
      > > * Koln Gunn McKay (UT) died 10/06/2000 in Huntsville, UT;
      > > in the Huntsville Cemetery.
      > > * James Douglas "Mike" McKevitt (CO) died 09/28/2000 in
      > > DC; interment in Arlington National Cemetery.
      > > * James Cunningham Murray (IL) died 10/13/1999 in Oak Lawn, IL;
      > > internment in Holy Sepluchre Cemetery in Worth, IL.
      > Hmmm ... I had 10/19/1999. Which is right?

      It's 10/19/1999, not 10/13.

      > > * Timothy Patrick Sheehan (IL) died 10/08/2000 in Chicago, IL;
      > > internment in St. Joseph Cemetery in Chicago, IL.
      > St. Joseph Cemetery in Chicago, or should that be River Grove?

      Obit in the local paper implied it was Chicago, but it might be in
      River Grove.

      > > * Abner Woodruff Sibal (CT) died 01/27/2000 in Alexandria, VA.
      > I have him at Riverside Cemetery, Norwalk, CT.
      > > * Bruce Frank Vento (MN) died 10/10/2000 in St. Paul, MN.
      > I have him at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Maplewood, MN.
      > > * E.S. Johnny Walker (NM) died 10/08/2000; internment in Santa
      > > National Cemetery.
      > > * Robert Carlton Wilson (CA) died 08/12/1999 in Chula Vista, CA;
      > > internment in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, CA.
      > > * Sidney Richard Yates (IL) died 10/05/2000 in Washington, DC;
      > > internment in Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie, IL.
      > I have that place listed simply as "Memorial Park". Is it
      > "Memorial Park Cemetery"?

      It looks as though they refer to it as both.

      > > As you will notice, a number of them are deaths that were not
      > > in the Bioguide at the time.
      > Assistance on any of the issues above would be appreciated. Also,
      > there are any errors I haven't noticed, please point them out! I
      > delay replying to give y'all a chance to respond.

      I have noted a number of omissions in the bioguide you might point
      out to the House historians, such as:

      Rep. Laurie Calvin Battle (AL) was buried at Arlington National
      Rep. Claude Harris, Jr (AL) died on 09/02/1994 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Albert Smith, Jr. (AL) is listed as alive, but Chairman Winton
      Blount, Jr (AL GOP Chairman) informed me that he died a few years ago
      (either 1997 or 1998)(perhaps someone in the Birmingham area could
      find the obit, I haven't found it yet).
      Rep. Thomas Dale Alford (AR) died on 01/25/2000 in Little Rock,AR (no
      burial listed).
      Rep. Glenn Malcolm Anderson (CA) died San Pedro,Los Angeles,CA
      12/13/1994(burial at Green Hills Cemetery (San Pedro??)
      Rep. Harlan Francis Hagan (CA) died on 11/25/1990 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. William W. Morris (CA) note they accidentally listed him twice
      on the roster of CA US Reps.
      Rep. Edward Rell Madigan (IL) died 12/07/1994 (unknown as to location
      or place of burial).
      Rep. Robert Thaddeus McLoskey (IL) died in 1992 (no specific date,
      unknown location or place of burial).
      Rep. James Ellsworth Noland (IN) died 08/12/1992 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Bert Andrew Bandstra (IA) died on 10/23/1995 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Clarence Dickinson Long (MD) died on 09/18/1994 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Hervey Gilbert Machen (MD) died on 11/29/1994 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Silvio Otto Conte (MA); died in Bethesda,MD 02/08/1991;
      interment at St. Joseph's Cemetery (Pittsfield,MA).
      Rep. Paul William Cronin (MA) died in Boston,MA 04/05/1997; interment
      at Spring Grove Cemetery (Andover,MA).
      Rep. Harold Daniel Donohue (MA); died 11/04/1984, Worcester,MA,
      interment St. John's Cemetery.
      Rep. Foster Furcolo (MA) (born as John Foster Furcolo); died in
      Cambridge,MA 07/05/1995; interment at Holyhood Cemetery in
      Rep. Thomas Joseph Lane (MA); died Lawrence,MA 06/14/1994; interment
      at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in North Andover,MA.
      Rep. Frank Bradford Morse (MA) died in Naples,FL 12/18/1994; His body
      was cremated and placed in Arlington National Cemetery.
      Rep. Thomas Phillip "Tip" O'Neill, Jr. (MA) died in Boston,MA
      01/05/1994; interment at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Harwichport,MA).
      Rep. Edward James Devitt (MN) died on 03/02/1992 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Richard Howard Ichord II (MO) died on 12/25/1992 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Frank Melvin Karsten (MO) died on 05/14/1992 (unknown as to
      location or place of burial).
      Rep. Max Schwabe (MO) died in Columbia,MO 07/31/1983 (unknown burial
      Rep. Glenn Clarence Cunningham (NE) is listed as having died on March
      10, 1988. That might be news to the Congressman, since I corresponded
      with him a full decade later, and I believe he is still quite alive.
      Rep. Roy Arthur Taylor (NC) died in Black Mountain,NC 02/28/1995
      (unknown burial location).
      Rep. Robert Eugene Cook (OH) currently deceased (unknown date or
      burial location).
      Rep. Greg John Holbrock (OH) died in Hamilton,OH 09/04/1992 (unknown
      burial location).
      Rep. Joseph Scofield Ammerman (PA) died in October 1993 (unknown
      place or burial location).
      Rep. Robert Lee Davis (PA) born in 1893 - most likely deceased.
      Rep. James Francis Lind (PA) born in 1900 - most likely deceased.
      Rep. William Lewis Jenkins (TN), note that he served in the TN State
      House of Representatives (not State Senate) from 1963-1971 and served
      as Speaker from 1969-71 and was an unsuccessful candidate for the
      Republican nomination for Governor in 1970.
      Rep. John Vernard Dowdy (TX) died in Athens,TX 04/12/1995 (unknown
      burial location).
      Rep. Ben Hugh Guill (TX) died in Amarillo,TX 01/15/1994 (unknown
      burial location).
      Rep. Thomas Evans (VA), note that he was born in 1724, not 1924.
      Rep. Maurice Gwinn "Burnie" Burnside (WV) died in Wilson,NC
      02/02/1991 (unknown burial location).

      There is probably a number of other additions or corrections to
      individual biographies, but these are the ones I could think of off
      the top of my head.

      Davy "D.J." Jones
    • jmmyers@sprynet.com
      Genealogy page at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~xrysta/public1/d22.htm provides obituary for: THOMAS DALE ALFORD (AR) died 1/25/2000 in Little Rock, AR noting
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 12, 2000
        Genealogy page at


        provides obituary for:

        THOMAS DALE ALFORD (AR) died 1/25/2000 in Little Rock, AR

        noting interment at Mount Holly Cemetery: Little Rock, AR

        Jill M. Myers
        Montgomery Village, MD
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