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    Have you heard the story about the TN state capitol s architect? His name was Strickland. He died during the construction of this massive greek revival
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2001
      Have you heard the story about the TN state capitol's architect? His name was Strickland. He died during the construction of this massive greek revival building. When died, shortly before the building was completed, he was entombed withing the massive stone walls. I'm waiting for the day that he is accidentally exhumed. Something like this actually happened in Raliegh, NC. Reverend John Ravenscroft, Bishop of NC is buried beneath the altar of Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh. He died during his term in the 1860's. In 1990, my father was rector of this large parish, and a massive renovation project was undertaken. Several weeks into the project, some of the contractors ran into Dad's office, stark white. They had removed part of the marble floor that made up the altar, and in the process had partially unearthed the remains of Bishop Ravenscroft. Apparently, the church sexton had forgotten to tell the foreman that a body was indeed buried under taht altar. :-) (Sorry for the digression, I like that story.)

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      I have been to Tennessee more than once.First went to
      the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville.
      The 1989 I attended the Young Republican National
      Convention in Nashville.I visited the capitol which is
      different from other state capitols.It is like a Greek
      Temple.President Polk and his wife are buried on the
      capitol grounds.I saw Gentry Crowell walking around
      the capitol.Secretary of State, he later committed
      I have seen Tennessee notables Lamar Alexander,Don
      Sundquist,Fred Thompson,Jimmie Quillen, and John
      Duncan,Jr.through the years,not necessarily in
      Although I understand current Governor Sundquist has
      been in some controversy over taxes,it is interesting
      that Tennessee has elected a number of Republicans to
      state wide office,including US Senate recently.Even Al
      Gore failed to carry Tennessee in the last Preidential
      election.Tennessee historically through the years
      favored the Democrats,with the eastern part of the
      state favoring Republicans.
      In Tennessee by the way the state Attorney General is
      selected by the Tennessee Supreme Court.
      Scott Bill Hirst

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