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Re: [political-graveyard] Re: Murder of Sen.Burdick

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  • Scott Bill Hirst
    Friends, As you know I have an avid interest in Freemasonry.I have been honored to have been a member since the 1970 s.I am Grand Historian of the Grand Royal
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 3, 2001
      As you know I have an avid interest in Freemasonry.I
      have been honored to have been a member since the
      1970's.I am Grand Historian of the Grand Royal Arch
      Chapter of Rhode Island.Royal Arch Masonry is an
      Appendant Order of what is called Freemasonry.In the
      United States at least you have to be a Symbolic Mason
      with having recieved the Master Mason degree.Their is
      variation in Masonic structure throughout the world.
      Internationally Prince Philip,consort of Elizabeth
      2,Queen of England;is the best known personage to be a
      Freemason.The Queen's first cousin, the Duke of Kent
      is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England.
      In Iran to be a Freemason you could be executed.I
      believe that is still true.I suspect although I
      haven't seen it in print yet,that Osama Bin Laden is
      NOT friendly to Freemasonry.Freemasonry is a staunch
      in its toleration on religion.No doubt that toleration
      has caused it problems with its foes that want to
      advocate their own sectarian agenda.The seal of the
      Grand Lodge of Israel by the way, has the Christian
      Cross,Jewish Star of David,and Moslem Crescent.
      Notable Freemasons have included Pandit Nehru,Harry
      Houdini(Erich Weiss),George Washighton,Harry
      Truman,Roy Rogers,Mel Tillis,and John Wayne.
      My late father Robert Scott Hirst,(a member of three
      Masonic Lodges) on the evening of his death was
      serving as Chaplain for degree work at a lodge he was
      visiting,he collapsed in the Masonic Lodge.He spent
      his last night serving something he loved:FREEMASONRY!
      Senator Burdick,was a member of Charity Lodge
      No.23,F.&A.M.,then located at Hope Valley,R.I.,now
      meets in Kenyon,R.I.,My father was Senior Warden(2nd
      ranking officer) of that Masonic Lodge when he died.He
      was a Past Master of Franklin Lodge No.20,F.&A.M.,in
      Westerly,R.I.,and held membership in a Scottish Lodge
      in Edinburgh.I am a Franklin Lodge member.
      Scott Bill Hirst
      Grand Historian
      Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Rhode Island
      Member,Strategic Planning Committee and
      Member,Thomas Smith Webb Monument Committee,
      Grand Lodge of Rhode Island

      --- kengib@... wrote:
      > It is an ancient and honourable fraternity of which
      > many of the
      > founders of our country belonged and which many of
      > our present public
      > figures belong. Presently there are about 3.5
      > million members world
      > wide.
      > Further information can be found in any
      > encyclopedia.
      > Ken Gibala
      > --- In political-graveyard@y..., Moshe <moshe@r...>
      > wrote:
      > > What is a Freemason? thank you for the help
      > > moshe
      > >
      > > At 12:33 PM 9/25/01 -0700, you wrote:
      > > >Friends,
      > > > Charles Burdick, a former Rhode Island State
      > Senator
      > > >from Charlestown was murdered on Friday,October
      > > >17,1930.No one was EVER convicted of the crime.A
      > > >Freemason he was buried with Masonic honors.His
      > death
      > > >is clearly one of the notorious events concerning
      > a
      > > >political figure in the first half of the 20th
      > Century
      > > >in my local region.According to a newspaper
      > report in
      > > >the "Westerly,(R.I.),Sun", a local daily
      > newspaper in
      > > >my area, he served two terms(in each house), both
      > as a
      > > >State Representative and State Senator.Perhaps
      > the
      > > >most interesting cause of death of a former State
      > > >Senator from my town was the death of then former
      > > >State Senator John S. Cole from a bull which
      > happened
      > > >also in the 1930's,possibly but not likely early
      > 40's.
      > > >Regards,
      > > >Scott Bill Hirst
      > > >
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      > awhile for me to
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      Scott Bill Hirst
      20 Maple Court
      Ashaway,RI 02804-9630 USA
      NOTE:I don't have a computer at home, it may take awhile for me to respond.

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