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3077Re: Fitts or Fitz

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  • fieldmarshaldj
    Sep 1, 2002
      "tsember2000" wrote:
      > DJ, I dunno. I'll go with the way his name appeared on the ballot.
      > And that was Fitz, not Fitts. It looks like the nickname overcame
      > the birth certificate.

      They put "Fitz" on the ballot ? That sounds like a definite screw-up.
      As I said, every single official biography, article, book, and the
      like all says "Fitts" as the middle name (including discussing in the
      Congressional Memorial Address book the "Fitz" misnomer, some using
      it in a friendly way, others in a not so friendly way, running the
      misspelled middle name and last name into a "Fitzryan" combo). I
      learned of his other sobriquet in the book (which I read in its
      entirety just this afternoon) the "Apostle of Change." That seemed to
      apply to his crusading style to reform the Democratic party in NY,
      amongst other issues.

      > Whether Bella's challenge further weakened him or not, I don't
      > think anyone can say. He was a sick man, in any event. And he
      > looked it. His chin and neck had been distorted from surgery. He
      > could barely speak, if at all.

      He did have surgery for throat cancer in '70, which at the time, the
      docs thought they had managed to rid him of. A lot of sources at the
      time say that perhaps he might've lasted longer without having to so
      vigorously campaign less than 2 years after the surgery (and indeed,
      he had to have even more surgery that summer of '72).

      > A lot of people felt she was taking
      > advantage of him. Bella suffered the backlash. After the primay she
      > seemed to be finished.
      > And then he died.
      > Indeed, the replacement committee chose Bella over Fitz's wife.

      Which to this day just seems remarkable, and I dare say a betrayal of
      William Ryan. She practically helps him into the grave and gets a
      reward for it... It's also too bad the electorate validated the
      shameful decision. Real nice. :-|

      Hey, don't blame me, I would've voted for Barry Farber.

      --D.J. Jones
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