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Re: prayer requests - South Korean economy

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  • josephylee@aol.com
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In response to some of your e-mails, prayer is good under some moderation. I found Christians detestable if they go to
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      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      In response to some of your e-mails, prayer is good under some

      I found Christians detestable if they go to morning prayer 2 hours a
      day so that their children can go to Harvard University or Seoul
      National University. Can they pray that their children know God if
      they are going to pray this hard? Can they spend 10 hours a week
      with their children by teaching them instead of praying during that
      time? While they can spend 10 hours with their families, they can
      still pray 4 hours a week at church. Can they spend their time
      wisely? I know many pastor's kids, who fell away from God because
      the pastor and his wife did not spend any time with their families.
      Spending time with the family is as important as morning prayer.
      When I was young, my father and mother spend those 10 hours
      with me and younger brother. There is nothing wrong with prayer.
      The amount of prayer is just absurb and wrong.

      For me, I never prayed 14 hours a week that I survive in the
      Samsung company. I simply work. I never prayed every day for
      wife. I never prayed every day that I will earn more money. I pray
      every day for my family's salvation. I pray every day for repentance.
      I pray every day for things eternal. Maybe, I will pray once a week
      things temporal. Well, actually, I stopped praying for my family
      every day last year after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. When I
      really thought there is no hope for my non-Christian family, God
      is answering my prayers with "yes." Maybe, my parents were
      impressed by my faith that I still wanted to marry a Christian wife
      even though my ex-girlfriend has hurt me and our family a great
      deal. My parents lectured me for a whole week saying that I should
      consider marrying a non-Christian girl when my Christian ex-
      girlfriend is no different from the world. Since I was too stubborn
      in terms of my faith, I think my parents gave up arguing with me
      by going to church. [break...] I don't know why my parents go to
      church for the first time. I guess it is a miracle from God. Thing for
      sure. It is not my prayers.

      Even though I never prayed for a job, job transfers or money every
      day, God answered "yes" many times immediately and quickly.
      When I do not idolize my prayers, God started to answer my
      prayers with a "yes." It seems strange that God honors my selfish
      prayers but answers my unselfish prayers extremely slowly or not
      at all.

      Your Digital Jedi Knight in Christ,
      Joseph Yosuk Lee
      Suwon, South Korea

      Prayer Requests:

      1. Please pray for my mother, father, and younger brother
      Richard that they will worship our Jesus as their Savior and

      2. Please also pray that they will also realize both money
      invested and time invested building relationships with
      people for God's glory is eternal.

      3. Please pray that my father will not have any serious heart
      problems after he had his heart attack on September 1, 2001.

      4. Please pray for my success at Samsung by publishing
      more papers and patents. Please pray for my health by losing
      more weight and by exercising 4 times per week.

      5. Please pray that I will tame my foolish tongue in terms of
      arguing with my father, mother, and younger brother related to
      the Bible, church, God, finances, and other issues of pride.

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