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"Development of Heuristic Neural Pathways" By Joseph Y. Lee

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    Development of Heuristic Neural Pathways By Joseph Y. Lee I have a theory on how I can help the mentally ill develop their heuristic neural pathways in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2010
      Development of Heuristic Neural Pathways
      By Joseph Y. Lee

      I have a theory on how I can help the mentally ill develop their
      heuristic neural pathways in the brain. In other words, I have a
      theory on how they can self-repair themselves mentally on their
      own. When I was in high school, I was fast and confident. I had a
      lot of expectations in life such as getting a Ph.D. at Stanford.
      My father graduated from Stanford University and from Seoul
      National University in Korea. We were a mentally insane family
      according to American standards of a normal childhood. If I
      described the mental insanity of how I studied in high school,
      then every normal American family would literally think our
      family was insane. I had to admit that I could understand why
      many American families would think this way. I believed my
      father and mother were out of their minds on how they raised us.
      They just pushed me and my brother to study a little hard.

      After I was rejected from Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Harvard,
      Princeton, and Yale as an undergraduate, my confidence was
      practically destroyed. I was extremely disappointed and lost. I
      was in severe depression. I did get accepted to Berkeley, but my
      non-Christian father reminded me that Berkeley was a reject school
      for people, who did not get accepted to Stanford. In another way
      of saying it, I lost all motivations to study a lot harder. I
      lost 50% to 60% of my strength and energy of my youth in high
      school. I was extremely sad and lonely. I did not have a lot of
      time to make friends in high school. I was studying all of the
      time. Also, I was not a Christian at then. I could have avoided
      or shortened my long periods of hurts and disappointments if I
      read the Bible and listened to correct doctrine and preaching of
      God's Word at an early age. Nevertheless, I was not a Christian
      then. So, how did I repair myself by having faith in God? How did
      I develop my heuristic neural pathways in my brain with prayer
      and reading God's Word? I believed I could summarize on how I was
      able to self-repair myself after I have suffered my deep hurts
      and disappointments.

      Even though I graduated from one of the top universities in the
      world at Berkeley, I was severely disappointed by not getting
      accepted to Stanford or MIT for graduate school. I still went
      through more deep hurts and disappointments. I was able to
      overcome my hurts by my faith in Jesus being crucified,
      resurrected and ascended into heaven. So, where did I get all of
      this knowledge and faith? First of all, I got my faith from the
      Bible and preaching of God's Word in a Reformed Presbyterian
      Church in Orange County. Second, I read many books related to
      Christian counseling, philosophy, apologetics, and preaching of
      sound doctrine like the Five Points of Calvinism and inerrancy,
      for example.

      Nonetheless, development of the heuristic neural pathways in the
      brain could be an extremely difficult task for anyone including
      myself. It could be practically impossible for the mentally ill
      to follow my methods by just simply reading the Bible and the
      right books. In 1999, the unemployment rate among schizophrenics
      was around 96%. [1] It was even more depressing to expect the
      schizophrenic population to read and self-repair themselves by
      reading books by Jay E. Adams, for example, by the unemployment
      figures alone. In the year 2000, 15.5% of all Americans graduated
      from college with a Bachelor's while 8.9% of them graduated with
      graduate or professional degrees among the total population ages
      25 and over.[2] If this was the case, then in 2000, far fewer than
      15.5% of all schizophrenics graduated with a Bachelor's degree
      in the total population ages 25 and over.

      Nonetheless, the mentally ill can read the Bible, and finding a
      good church is really important in terms of correct doctrine and
      preaching of God's Word. None of the churches in Korea have
      perfect doctrine. It is my recommendation that every church
      follows the teachings from the Korean-American Presbyterian
      Church denomination. Their Bible doctrine understanding is almost
      perfect. Maybe, 90% perfect should suffice. Of course, same
      applies to Presbyterian Church of America. However, the PCUSA is
      a total ludicrous denomination when they do permit homosexuality.
      It is a sin according to the Bible. Please avoid all false
      doctrines from the PCUSA denomination for your sake.

      To heal themselves, the mentally ill must read the Bible and
      understand at least 4 out of 5 points of Calvinism. I believe
      that it is permissible to have some flexibility on "Limited
      Atonement." I believe in all 5 points of Calvinism. If the
      mentally ill has a very developed mindset to think, then he can
      seriously self-destruct in madness. However, most of the mentally
      ill could not graduate from college. It is reported that there is
      a 96% unemployment rate among schizophrenics.[1]

      Reading books on Christian counseling is awesome for the recovery
      of the mindset of the mentally ill. I recommend them to read the
      Bible, books on predestination, books by John MacArthur like
      "Charismatic Chaos," Christian psychology, Christian philosophy,
      biochemistry, biology, sociology, self-help books by Steven Covey,
      and many other books. The mentally ill can self-repair mentally
      through the Bible or through Christian counseling. Nevertheless,
      this method to develop their abilities to heal themselves is
      extremely cruel. It is equivalent of asking a normal person to
      win a Nobel Prize in physics.

      On the other hand, is there a better way to help the mentally ill
      besides asking them to help themselves? I believe there is.

      1 _http://pb.rcpsych.org/cgi/content/full/26/8/295_
      2 _http://www.censusscope.org/us/chart_education.html_

      Biography of Joseph Y. Lee:

      University of Southern California
      Electrical Engineering, MS '04

      University of California, Irvine
      Materials Science and Engineering, MS '97

      University of California, Berkeley
      Physics and Math, BA '94

      He is currently working at Samsung Electro-Mechanics
      as a senior engineer working on package process, design,
      and layout since January 2005. He has authored and
      co-authored 7 papers and 4 patents. His hobbies
      include areas like the violin, piano, photography,
      computer repair, reading, and mountain climbing. In
      high school, he won honorable mention in Knoxville
      Youth Symphony Dogwood Arts Festival violin concerto
      contest and 1st place in the Oak Ridge Symphony
      Orchestra violin concerto contest with his younger
      brother Richard as his duet partner.

      Copyright - CHEMISTRY (CHristian E-mail MIniSTRY)
      Website: _http://www.josephylee.org_ (http://www.josephylee.org)
      E-mail: _JosephYLee@..._ (mailto:JosephYLee@...)

      Joseph Y. Lee
      Suwon, South Korea

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