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"Efficacious Atonement" by Joseph Y. Lee

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    Efficacious Atonement By Joseph Yosuk Lee The purpose of writing this essay is to defend the Christian Reformed Faith. I do not believe the Arminian view of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2008
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      Efficacious Atonement
      By Joseph Yosuk Lee

      The purpose of writing this essay is to defend the
      Christian Reformed Faith. I do not believe the
      Arminian view of Christ dying for every single
      individual in the world is correct. Atonement is
      what Christ accomplished on the cross by shedding
      His blood. Efficacious means completely effective.
      The non-elect are non-Christians who will never be
      saved. The elect includes Christians who are saved
      and non-Christians who will be saved in the future.

      We know that we have nothing to boast to God. Should
      we boast our free will to choose God? Absolutely not!
      We have nothing to boast including our free will. (1
      Corinthians 1:27-31) However, did Christ forgive and
      die for all of our sins? The answer is, "Yes." 1
      John 1:7 says, "...the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses
      us from ALL sin." Thus, Christ died for all of our sins
      including our unbelief and our doubts about Christ.
      Did Christ forgive and die for the unbelief of the
      non-elect? The answer is, "no" or else the non-elect
      will become Christians. Matthew 22:14 says:

      "For many are called, but few are chosen."

      If Christ died for the non-elect's unbelief, then everyone
      in the world will go to heaven. Matthew 22:14 clearly
      shows only the few enter heaven. It is also obvious
      that Christ did not die for everyone when Romans 5:9
      says, "...we are now justified (saved) by his blood..."
      If the non-elect received Christ's atonement, then
      they are justified or saved by His blood.

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      Prayer Requests:

      1. Please pray for my mother, father, and younger brother
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      2. Please also pray that they will also realize both money
      invested and time invested building relationships with
      people for God's glory is eternal.

      3. Please pray that my father will not have any serious heart
      problems after he had his heart attack on September 1, 2001.

      4. Please pray for my success at Samsung by publishing
      more papers and patents. Please pray for my health by losing
      more weight and by exercising 4 times per week.

      5. Please pray that I will tame my foolish tongue in terms of
      arguing with my father, mother, and younger brother related to
      the Bible, church, God, finances, and other issues of pride.

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